SLR AI scripts

Whilst its really REALLY great that SLR is blasting out scripts using Ai, ther MUST be a min quality chk, look at this one

4 dollars for ???


Ya that’s bad lol I’m not a fan of AI scripts anyway.


While I absolutely love the wide selection available specifically because of AI scripting and wholly support SLR’s efforts, its become clear that SLR’s business model is to offload true quality control over to its users. Did you report the script as being bad?


I didn’t buy it thankfully

Their AI scripts have NO quality check. ZERO. NONE.

And they still sell them. What a scam.


Here on the forum there was an answer from an official representative, they are only conducting a test on the safety of use - some kind of script that will be checked according to the parameters so as not to hurt when played.

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They were doing that with the small batches. They no longer have any human checks on the AI scripts currently being released.

With this approach, robots will soon write scripts themselves, test them themselves, and buy them themselves :slight_smile:


Disappointed by the quality of most of the AI scripts I have downloaded or purchased is rather poor. i am not the best scripter but ican write much better scripts than most of the AI stuff i have I bought/downloaded


also, did they just change their rules? 3 AI scripter per month? it used to be 10 last month.

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Yep, in true SLR style they have reduced the AI scripts to 3. @doublevr posted in the forum that the 10 was only until “it worked”, whatever that means - because they definitely still suck.

I don’t know why anyone would sub to them long-term since they change the terms of the sub pretty much whenever they feel like and tell you to fuck off if you complain.


So if there is an AI on SLR they wont make a human one later?

Yup, I’ve defended their decisions several times, but they seem determined to make that harder and harder to do… But look at the bright side. As they push customers away, many of those customers will start shopping with the manual scriptors that everyone seems to prefer anyways.


I just cancelled my yearly subscription for this exact reason. Suddenly and quietly changing the terms in the middle of my subscription is not great.
Lesson learned on my part, I guess.


Same here, last time I subbed. Fair use policy is both sided, well normally. Will spend my cash for human scripts here. also not allowing access by Heresphere is just unfair and not nice without any logic.


I have to agree with this comment. I too got majorly burned by SLR a couple of months into a year long script subscription by the quota going down from 10 to 3! 3! I repeat - their AI script subscription monthly download limit was suddenly reduced from 10, to 3!!

And on top of that, if they make a much needed quality update to an AI script (which are NOWHERE NEAR the quality of handmade scripts), downloading the update comes out of that same tiny download quota - this is confirmed to be intentional!

I bought it on the understanding of 10 AI scripts a month, they pulled a Darth Vader ‘pray I don’t alter the deal any further’. Without warning, without mention of this possibility in terms and conditions. That is a ridiculous decrease. I’ve never seen anything like it from any other company, any industry.

Lesson learned. From now on, should I continue with them, it’s a recurring monthly subscription at best that I can stop at a moment’s notice. How can someone commit to a long-term subscription with a company that treats trust like toilet paper?


What would really make sense is to grant the full download amount for example annual: 36 AI and 36 human scripts. After using that up people would buy scripts on SLR instead waiting for the next montly 6 scripts. The monthly dosage just does not make much sense. Why should I buy when I have scripts left?

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i was with you and i have no doubt AI scripts are going to get better with time (no doubt). but the current AI scripts on SLR on average are not very good. so why did they decided to change their free AI script policy now? are they convinced the scripts are that good or is it just a business case? reminds of naughty america. they started with a few scripts then started cracking them out like crazy. the scripts were less than average in quality but they jacked up the prices for a scripts-included subscription. that made me cancel my script subscription. NA have stuck to their policy so i have to conclude it is making them money. SLR is maybe have the same economic reasons for doing what they are doing–> there are many more customers out there that are o.k. with lower quality scripts than those of us here on eroscripts. volume over quality. not a new theme.


Yep - there is along thread here about that debacle, in which @doublevr chimed in bragging about how SLR would never do that, and then they did worse! At least NA didn’t have a human scripter marketplace that they destroyed with their money grab like SLR has. Such a shady, predatory company.

This is why I can’t stand people playing fanboy for these companies. They are NOT your friend. If they came across an accident victim on an empty street, they’d steal his wallet before they called for help.


Is also pretty strange as I have tried to send them some pretty good scripts but they have been refused, as they seem very pedantic about exact scripting, got bummed out in the end and just gave up trying…

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