SLR / DeoVR Player loop functionality breaking script functionality

Hi There,

I just noticed the loop feature in SLR VR app (the player) and I’m loving it. First time I use it with a script it works fine and the script stays synced with the loop. Unfortunately, when i exit the loop the script stops working and will not work for any other vids unless I restart the software / PC (I use a windows mixed reality headset)

Just wondering if anyone else is experiencing this problem, if the problem exist on any other platform, occulus for example, and if there is a fix

Thanks in advance and if I could get a like from someone it’d be helpful. I’m trying to get to lvl 2!

Usually when you close the video you are watching or disable and enable the toy feature will fix the problem in Quest 2.

For PC, i am guessing the toy is getting disconnected from app. Try to reinstall SLR as an admin, and check any update required for your .net framework installed in your PC.

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