SLR How to know the corresponding script name from a streamed video?

Hey, I know that it’s possible to play local video with local script with deovr and the handy connected to it.

But if I play a video in streaming from SLR on deoVr. Is there a way to know the name of the video sended by SLR to add locally on my headset the corresponding script with the same name and sync the two ?

For example I have scripts for the 5 Wonders of Chechik series. How to play video on SLR and use them ? Thanks

It’s the number at the end of the URL. So 5 Wonders of Chechik would be 15968.funscript. Notably, SLR won’t recognize them as scripted, so you might want to set up a playlist of them, since there won’t be any icon to suggest interactivity until you actually open the video and the little blue button is there in DeoVR.

thx for the playlist tips

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