SLR male performer suggestions

We are looking to get a good one. Perfectly that bald guy from Brazzers would work, but also looking for alternatives.

What do we know so far:

  • No tattoos
  • slightly bigger than average dick size
  • not super tall
  • kinda long torso
  • not super hairy
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no paper-thin thighs, sorry but I have witnessed this before and it is so off-putting that it makes me wish I never clicked on the video halfway through.

edit: I’m sorry if I’m upseting people; I am just talking about something like this:
Screenshot 2022-05-19 005605

hope this is ok to upload

Nothing wrong with looking for some other male talent, but the dude you use a lot now is fine. Don’t listen to the cry babies who whine about him for weird reasons, dudes are way to obsessed with dicks and IDK why they care how old the guy is.

The guy from the Blake blossoms “avatars in action” I don’t know, usually not focused on the guys themselves, but the part where he busts a little early cause Blake was making those faces and she goes “was that too much for you” for whatever reason I just found that to be incredibly hot and a realistic, helps draw you in more, plus I don’t remember hating his voice so if he HAS to talk at some point it’s not bad. But normally for pov vr stuff I prefer the silent type. Also got no idea if he’s bald. This probably didn’t help you at all lmao

someone who keeps their hands off the model. Gross watching old wrinkly hands on a nice girl


Wait, there’s guys in these videos?!?


Lmao :joy::joy::joy:

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Glad to see some attention in this area. The more the male talent blends in, the better the experience in VR. The arm or leg tattoos in 2d porn are fine, but in VR becomes very distracting personally. I don’t even watch some SLR videos because of this.

In addition to your list, a couple of other distracting things the male actor can sometimes do that are mentioned in comments is to breathe too heavy in the microphone or overdo it with grabbing hands (some is good and understandable lol). Thanks for working on improving your brand with your customers!

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  • Keep his grubby hands to himself

yeah please no xtreme nail biter or hands that looks like they just worked on a car (unless they play a mechanic :wink:) it just looks disgusting.

Also i prefer her to finger herself when she’s close to the cam, over him fingering her.

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Danny D would be good but he has a tattoo

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My main problems with VR + Interactive toys are:

  1. Changing positions and active male performer absolutely kills the virtual sensation for me. I don’t want to use a interactive toy and see doggy style or jerk action from the male performer. I sit on my ass or lay down and don’t move with the toy, so why I would like to see different male positions in a vr toy movie?
  2. The length of the videos is just crazy. Nobody really fucks 45 Minutes. A study from durex says 17,6 mins, an other talk about 5-6 mins. A study from britain ended up in around 19mins and only 19-23% wish to have longer sex. The videos are still to long for my taste. 25 Minutes of natural sex, not steam hammer sex and 1 frame per handstroke handjobs would be very nice.

But yes, performer with tattoes and piercings are a no go for me in vr too and of course no hairy grizzlies :face_with_open_eyes_and_hand_over_mouth:

YES - easier to script as well. I have video A.D.D. and will never sit with a single video for its entirety before getting bored and jumping to the good parts.

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For the long video (and some comments about “I don’t like that kind of position”), what would be needed, I think, is a “choose your adventures” kind of feature, because people don’t have the same preference. And it’s probably why we have scenes with the mandatory 5 minutes of missionary, 5 minutes of cowgirl, 5 minutes of reverse cowgirl, etc (for each girls, if applicable), that end up lasting 60 minutes.

Before starting a video, as someone that likes to see the face of the actress at all times, I would want to be able to select “Intro, BlowJob #1, Cowgirl, BlowJob #2, Missionary”, and unselect “Reverse Cowgirl, doggy, etc”. Yes, the video might be a bit “disjointed” but I could live with that.

Bonus point if we could save those preferences in our profile, and if we could change the order (ex. “Intro, BlowJob #1, BlowJob #2, Missionary, Cowgirl”), and a bigger bonus if we could create a playlist that includes specific part of differents videos (ex. BlowJob #1 from Get Gabbie Carter, BlowJob #1 from Grabby With Gabbie, Cowgirl from Gabbie With Gabbie, etc).

Note: For that to work, the “shortcut” in SLR would need to be more precise than right now. Most of the time I use a shortcut, it puts me 15 seconds into the action, and I have to go back to the actual start.

Note #2: This would not change anything for the scripters, that would still need to script every part of the video, sorry @Realcumber, and other SLR scripters :wink:


If you had a feature in your account preferences to select position(s) you like to be played and ignore the one you are not into for certain VR scenes that would be legendary. The position preferences would then be applied to only “choose your adventure” scenes.

SLR would def pull away from others if they could make it a seamless transition. It would be cool if they had a trial run with 1-2 scenes to see the feedback.

the battery in my kiroo does not want me to have sex for 45 min…

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I didn’t know people were so picky about the male performer.

If you ask me, I would say that the male actor should just blend into the scene. Nothing really to stand out because you want to focus on what really is important which is the female pornstar.

All good @Zalunda lol - everyone always seems to like different parts of a scene so it will likely always need to be that way

I actually agree alot with the idea of ‘choose your own adventure’ chapters

Alot of scenes use blending transitions and fades anyways, so it should be able to smoothly transition between

I previously proposed “maybe some kind of more effortless feature, like one that could auto loop sections within a video until you are ready to switch with a click of a button to the next sex act could work (like beginning bj goes on a loop until you are ready to move on, then click - blends goes to doggy section etc)”

I do agree the shortcut tags could start a bit earlier as well

As for male performers, has anyone checked out this scene and didnt mind this performer?

I personally enjoyed it as a good balanced body type and color tone (no distinguishing features too) and it fills in the big missing AMWF crowd out there at the same time imo

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@doublevr Something like this. The male actor is in shape, but doesn’t look like he lives at the gym. No distracting tattoos, jewelry, body hair, etc. Makes a big mess on the female talent at the end. I would deduct some points for overuse of hands during the standing reverse cowgirl, but otherwise pretty good

Also it is good to see the girl putting in the work. E.g, during doggystyle the guy is staying still and the girl is pushing back. Works better for interactive toys.