SLR Player Connection Error

Hey, I haven’t used the SLR player for PCVR for a while and am now getting this error whenever I try to run it
Is it still being supported? I tried using DEO VR but can’t sign in because it doesn’t recognize my SLR account so no handy support :frowning: any help would be greatly appreciated

  • Make sure the SLR app is updated (I assume you use Steam since you mention PCVR). Could be an issue with expired certificates.
  • Try logging in directly via your web browser on your PC or mobile device (not through SLR VR app) just to check that your account is still active.
  • If you can’t find any other solution you can always use Heresphere to connect to your Handy.
  • If you don’t get answers here, post on the SLR support forum.

I can’t seem to update the SLR app. I don’t want to try uninstalling because it doesn’t seem like the site offers the application anymore (just directs you to download DEO VR).

My SLR account is still active. Don’t you need to pay for Heresphere?

The app is no longer supported, its all through DeoVR now
Heresphere offers a free version, which stops you for 15s sometimes when going into menu, thats all.

SLR doesn’t work directly with Heresphere though, you’d need to use downloads there.

Please move to deo

Enjoy updated functionality

If things don’t work contact support

I am unable to sign in to the Deo VR player with my SLR account (which I believe is necessary to use the handy?). I opened a support ticket yesterday but haven’t received any assistance yet

Support is looking into it. Will follow up :ok_hand:

Hi Vilux! I am from SLR customer support, can confirm we found your ticket (47649) and already working on it. Currently waiting from your side to confirm small details