SLR question

If I buy a premium account and choose the videos that are designed for using an interactive device. Do I still need to download the corresponding script and have it in the interactive folder or is the script already built into the site for scripted videos

Any info is appreciated.


It’s built into the site, but you do need to purchase the script whether or not you have premium.

That’s where I’m confused I do not see in the site or app where to purchase the scripts

Its under the bottom right of the video, it’ll be labeled Interactive Script where you can add it to cart to buy

You need to buy the chart even after subscribing to SLR
edit: damn SLR’s web design is fire. Also don’t try to look the file shown up because it’s just inspect element so that you won’t get violated with IRL.

Awesome. Thanks everyone. Sorry for being a noob. Didn’t want to buy a premium membership and then be stuck not being able to use my handy with it.

You do not necessarily need to purchase a premium sub to use SLR as your scripting engine. Theoretically, if you have the content locally, you can purchase the script from SLR\realsync and then play it over DLNA. Before I discovered thehandy and SLR, I ignored scripts altogether as I found just getting it all setup and ready was too cumbersome (looking at you FeelConnect).

Beyond the above, the content they have available under a Premium sub is well worth the money. And yes if you do have a purchased script at SLR, and stream the video through SLR, you do not need to download the script.

What if I can download the movies through another source and just buy their scripts instead of buying a premium membership. Then I can just play the movie locally while using the script i got from SLR. Correct ?

Yep, you can do that as well!

Another dumb question. I use an oculus go and as we all know the storage space is limited. Using the deo app can I stream videos from a shared folder on an external HD ?
I use skybox for that typically when just viewing but would love to stop putting things on the oculus to play and then having to take stuff off in order to put something new on there.