SLR removed a ton of videos and sites

Anyone know what’s going on?

I didn’t see any notice or warning and now a ton of videos and smaller sites are just gone.

Which sites are gone? my favorites are still all there luckily!

Weirdly enough we were just talking about this happening once in a while in the general chat channel…best guess I have is that those videos weren’t doing well enough for the company to decide their worth keeping and removed/ didn’t renew the contract for them with the owners of the videos or removed them from the contract conditions.
Because why pay money to have something on your site that makes you lose money?

Anyway as a result I expect anything on SLR to be up for vanishing easily at any point.

Check if you have filtered based on scipts, sounds like it.

Just another reason to avoid streaming services for these activities.

Maintain your own media library. Bulk storage is cheap, so you can store two copies of what you have, in case a drive fails. Stick with spinning rust (i.e. not SSD’s), as they don’t lose data over time when left unpowered, and have no write limits. Get yourself a USB drive dock so you an pop your bare backup drive in, copy new data to it, then remove it for safe storage.

Beyond that, by using locally stored media, nobody is going to be tracking what you’re watching, when you’re watching it, what parts of the video you skip or repeat, and so on.