SLR Removing Scripted Videos

Anyone else noticing SLR is removing a lot of their own scenes that are scripted?
I paid for the Asian Delight Royal Flush script and the scene is now missing. I cant find the video anywhere. Can anyone help with this? Or know why SLR is removing these awesome scenes?


its why you HAVE TO download everything you buy that way its yours forever because companies are super scummy and they want to steal from you


100% this.

To everyone else, don’t rely on the internet because one day I can guarantee, it won’t be there (especially with this stuff). FapTap is the same…sure all great…ease of use…without a serious influx of cash, it won’t last/. Simple as that. All sites are the same, especially private ones where no large corp is bankrolling the server costs. All you are doing is RENTING it for however they long they wish you to be able to use it for.

Perma-internet connection for something, count me out. If you can’t download it and keep it on your drive, I’m not interested.


Yeah I actually had them downloaded. But the external hard drive got damaged and well, i basically have to start over from scratch.

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you can buy 4tb externals on amazon with payment plans

im sure some one can mod it to have an offline mode i mean the kiroo has an offline mode and that battery is shit

Personally, I love my Keon. I still use fleshlight sleeves and am willing to tolerate the drag scum they leave for a better texture experience.

But yeah, if anyone can hook me up with a video link to Asian Delight Royal Flush to download that would be awesome!

I think at one point they removed a bunch of scenes that had alcool visible in them, so it’s possible it’s one of those. I assume that was to appease the payment providers.
The only way to make sure you keep access to a video on SLR is to individually buy it, but that’s not very economical :smiley:

I’m going to upgrade my Synology NAS because of this thread. lol

Indeed, this is true of all streaming services, including Amazon Prime and Steam for video games. There is a lot of licensing and legal concerns related to these things and there could be any number of reasons why a video is no longer available. It’s unlikely a malicious attempt to screw anyone over, but more likely a licensing issue with either the talent, or the production team, or some other party.

It’s not the fastest or the quietest solution, but I’d recommend looking into a large quantity 7200RPM hard drive. It’ll be MUCH cheaper than an SSD and good enough for most use cases.

I’ve been rocking this 18TB drive since November with no issues. It’s technically refurbished, but I’m not sure mine was ever even used. It’s fast enough to stream from over my network and I even sometimes script videos from it rather than my SSD.

Would I store anything critical on it? No. Would I use it to store large quantities of filth? :smirk: You know it, baby!


You can host the API yourself without having to use the Handyfeeling server. Both ScriptPlayer and HandyControl support this feature.

But I see your point. Shame that consumers are having less control over their experience with the product.

how about we get some modders to mod the handy to get an offline mode so no wifi is required

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As much as that’s on my concern, this isn’t what this topic is about. We can start another topic on that if demanded.

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I think what you wrote is not true. Only via Bluetooth it is really offline and not via Wifi. The API you can activate on Scriptplayer is only a script host where TheHandy can download the script file faster. The rest still goes over the Handy servers. At least this is how I understand it.


Thanks for correcting my mistake. Yes, script hosting can be local, but SweetTech’s API server still does the command. So you and @anon32868679 are right on that - the Handy must require an Internet connection to work.

Did they give any reason as to why they removed this scene in particular. Luckily I downloaded the video and paid for the script, but my main concern is if they do this to other videos I haven’t gotten to. Anyways just feels weird as I thought this was a very popular video.

@doublevr Can explain in detail, maybe even make monthly updates

Or maybe a heads up, like if something is about to be removed so people know what to do and won’t be blindsided by their favorite videos/scripts being taken down.


A HEADS UP woulda been super key. I dont even know when it was pulled. After my hard drive got damaged and begun going through my paid scripts, i saw that Asian Delight Royal Flush scene had been pulled. I can still access the script but have no video.
But yeah they should give a proper notice of like 10 days before they remove something. Especially a popular scene with a script feature.

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