SLR ScriptAI Preview: AI Assisted Funscript Creation

Hello everyone!

SLR is happy to announce ScriptAI Version



ScriptsAI is a new system for AI assisted funscript creation. It’s the successor to our previous automation tool, which was based on visual tracking. It’s intended to enhance the script creation workflow, by automating the tedious and repetitive parts of scripting. It consists of two parts:

  • Our AI model automatically generates multiple action tracks that follow the actor’s motion from the video, as well as a recommended primary action track.
  • The application contains tools for bulk point editing as well as manual scripting. It enables scripters to combine, tweak and clean up the generated tracks into a complete funscript, as well as incorporate their own personal style and flair.


Can I use this tool to automatically script my own videos?
Currently only pre-generated tracks are available. Due to the nature of the AI model, the generation is performed on our servers. In the future, we plan to give access to users through our service.


ScriptAI App Preview Version
The app is available for Windows and requires a free SLR account.

For the current preview, pre-generated AI tracks are available for the following videos (right click the “Data” link and select “Save As”):
SLR Free Videos

SLR Premium Videos


  1. Download the application and extract the contents.
  2. Select a video from the list. Download both the track and the video.
  3. Launch the application.
  4. From the File section of the menu open the video and load the tracking data.
  5. Switch to the Other_1 track in the dropdown menu to the right of the video controls.
  6. Select the entire secondary track and insert it into the main editor track with the right mouse button context menu.
  7. For all controls and the intended workflow see the instructions in the Help section of the menu.

Video overview


Our AI model detects the motion of different actions the actors are performing in the video. It currently covers handjobs, blowjobs and hip thrusts. It also creates a track that automatically switches between the actions, based on what’s most appropriate. The model currently excels at tracking clear continuous movement, such as cowgirl, missionary and extended blowjob sections. It currently doesn’t perform as well with certain parts of the action that are not clearly visible, highly overlapping interactions, and transitions between different actions.


Both the AI generated tracks and the app are in active development and are continually being updated and improved. We welcome any feedback you may have. We will be reading the replies. Let us know what works well, and what we could improve in future releases. Also let us know regarding features you would want for manual editing and scripting within the app.


The following previews visualize our AI in action. The body part detection overlays are not visible when editing scripts in the release version of the app.


  • Fixed an issue where some users were unable to log in.
  • Fixed incorrect funscript range calculation.
  • Added support for loading .mov video files.
  • Added option to lock point movement to the horizontal axis.
  • Added amplitude indicators to stroke visualizer.
  • Added amplitude and timing indicators to point timelines.
  • Added precise timeline panning with mouse.
  • Added video zooming and panning.
  • Added SLR free account login.
  • Fixed slight drift when moving points with the mouse.

New features

-Preferences menu for configuring user settings.
-Configurable keyboard shortcuts for scripting and navigation actions.
-Invalid stroke detection. Invalid strokes are colored red in the timeline.
-Configurable min stroke length and max stroke speed values for invalid stroke detection.
-Buttons underneath the stroke statistics for jumping to the next or previous invalid stroke.

New Keyboard Actions

-Adjust the amplitude of the closest point or the entire selection.
-Set the amplitude of the closest point or the entire selection.
-Shift points backward or forward frame by frame.
-Shift points and moving backward or forward by one frame.
-Shift and deselecting the next or previous point.
-Shift and deselecting points in the next or previous frame.
-Move the selected point or active selection.
-Select and deselecting all points.
-Increase and decreasing playback speed.


-Smoother position indicator movement during playback. Position is refreshed during UI render.
-Funscript no longer jitters when panning the timeline at lower zoom levels.


-Left & right keys now move to next frame instead of 100ms.
-Jumping to next point is now done with up & down keys by default.


Thank you for releasing this application, this is my first time looking at a scrip creator tool, and im curious, how can i go about generating actors motion through using the AI?


The UI is definitely a more “polished” version compared to the older ScriptAI application and I am really excited for this! Since this is a preview, generating tracking data within the app is not an available function yet? and will be released in future versions - is this correct?


+1 cool idea but don’t think it is working fully but then agin neither is ofs at the moment


In this preview release AI generated tracks are only available for the 6 videos linked in the original post. For other videos, you can create funscripts manually, similar to other existing scripting software, by using the number keys to add points.


Thanks for the feedback!
As to your question: with this iteration we are aiming to make the user experience as seamless as possible. That’s correct. Currently only the six pre generated tracks are available. Due to the nature of the AI model, the generation is performed on our servers. In the future, we plan to give access to users through our service.


Looks awesome, thank you.


It’s the part I’m waiting for xD


alright, gotcha

Looking forward to it! :slight_smile:

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While custom key-binds are not yet implemented - (Incomplete list)

  • Select All - CTRL + A
  • Next Frame - Right Arrow - (not, jump forward 100ms)
  • Prev. Frame - Left Arrow - (not, jump back 100ms)
  • Double Left / Right - !! No binding please !!
    • Do not use double tap for anything! App would be unusable. We don’t just double tap constantly, we 1000-tap back and forth, up and down, etc all-the-time! Would also make using certain HID’s impossible. ie Media Panels
  • Next / Previous dot - Up / Down arrows
    • This currently is Shift + Left/right
      • Shift is a selection modifier in almost every existing app!
  • Shift + Left / Right arrow - Select / Deselect to next Frame
  • Shift + Up / Down arrow - Select / Deselect to next Dot
  • Esc - Deselect all
  • E - Equalize selection - (minimum 3 dots need to be selected) Make the distance between all selected dots the same amount ms
  • Numpad plus/minus - Increase / Decrease playback speed by X% (Up to 500%, 200% is not enough.)

Some functions really need both mouse AND keyb shortcuts. Otherwise we have to constantly switch between the two just for one function. ie selecting.

  • CTRL + Left / Right arrow
    • Without selection - jump to closest dot and move the dot forward / backward one Frame.
    • With Selection - Jump to closest selected dot and move entire selection forward / backward one Frame
  • CTRL + Up / Down arrow
    • Without selection - Move closest Dot up/down by 1 [0-100]
    • With Selection - Move selection up/down by 1 [0-100]
  • ALT + Left / Right arrow
    • Without Selection - Stay in position, but move the Closest dot one Frame
    • With Selection - Stay in Position, move selection one Frame
  • ALT + Up / Down - Increase / Decrease timeline height.
    • This is currently Up / Down without modifier. Not very productive like that.
  • Alt + Numpad +
    • Without Selection - Nothing!!
    • With Selection - Set all selected Dots to
      • 0 = 0
      • 1 = 10
      • 9 = 90
      • / = 100
  • End key
    • Without Selection move closest Dot to current position
    • With Selection - move selection to current position, with first Dot at current position
  • Delete key - Delete closest Dot or Selection
  • Shift + Page UP - From selection, select all top points
  • Shift + Page Down - From selection, sellect all bottom points
  • Support for media keys on Keyboards. Play, Pause, Volume, etc
  • A toggle to disable Win-key
  • Shift + F1-F8 - Save current selection
  • F1-F8 - Paste saved selection
  • Ctrl + F1-F8 - Bookmark position on timeline.
  • Alt + F1-F8 - Jump to bookmark

Scrollwheel click is to drag the script pane.
How about Ctrl + Scrollwheel = Scrub forward backwards

Move and anchor the current position indicator. See video.

Timeline Frames

Compatibility Checks and settings.

  • Boxes to manually input a max speed, minimum speed, max interval and minimum interval.
    Colorcode strokes that do not conform to these settings.
  • Additionally, a list of toys that you can check/uncheck
    Colorcode strokes that do not conform to the selected toys’ limits.
  • Built in Media library and project library.
  • keep X amount of backups when saving. For example:
    • filename.funscript.001
    • filename.funscript.002
  • Autosave every x time and/or x amount of actions.
  • Save Undo / Redo history.

Hey everyone, I have just updated my post and added an option to see a free video generated script (you do not need a premium subscription to try it out).

Let me know what you think!

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Set start and end point on timeline.
Toggle to enable/disable loop playback between start and end points. - When disabled, stop playback at end point.

Generate low res YUV proxy video file. This increases navigation speed, scrubbing speed. Etc. to real-time (no decoding lag)
Add warning this generates very large files and adequate storage space is required. SSD/NVMe on local machine is required!

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How well does it handle partially censored videos like JAVs?

@SCP055 It isn’t specifically trained on JAV content and would likely need some attention focused on it to perform effectively, but this is definitely one of our future goals

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Just letting everyone know, we have updated the post with some preview videos, which you could check out

Looks very promising!

Is there any news whether the app will be ported to MacOS as well?

@faptastic no, unfortunately. The system has been build-up to be compatible with Windows, so for the moment MacOs is not possible.

Too bad, but I guess it’s just not worth it as the majority of people use Windows.
I guess I have to continue to rely on and appreciate the great work that is being done by amazing script’ers here!

Why does the login screen say i need to buy something from SLR before i can login. I thought i could use a free account as the post say?