Slr scripts not working with Handy (Android/Cardboard)

I know I need to upgrade to a legit VR headset but my setup is fine for now. I have deovr on my phone w/ slr premium + scripts, and it’s worked flawlessly with the handy up until today.
Handy connects to app, shows green light on bottom left, when selecting a scripted vid I get a prompt that says “sending script to handy”. However instead of getting the second prompt stating it’s synced, I get a prompt that says “handy connected” but the handy will not react. It works fine on with local videos/sync test. I’ve reset app, router, phone, etc. Even resynced the handy with a new code as well. Did something change in the last 24hours? Thanks in advance🤘

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Although there may be people here that can answer your question I believe that this kind of technical question is probably more suited for given the description you’ve given.

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Understood, thank you.

Just thought I’d add that I’m also experiencing the exact same issue you are. Made a post over on the SLR forum as suggested, and hoping to get some assistance there.

I sent an email to slr support last night and received a response this morning. I will paste the first half of their response below. The second half of response was just encouraging me to upgrade to a vr headset which I do not want to do. I’m not trying to spend $800 on a descent headset so this is unfortunate.

“As we keep upgrading our service we can not guarantee functionality for outdated app versions.
We have released app version 13.0 and added more security requirements for connecting to our syncing server.
The server that app versions prior to v10 connected to has thus also been terminated.”

That’s unfortunate to hear. It was a good run I guess.

I have the same problem with my Oculus Go.

If I can no longer play my self-made scripts, probably won’t do any more.

Or is there an alternative for the Go? I don’t have the money to upgrade at the moment

Seems like the cheapest set up is the Quest 2.

450 euros is not cheap for me. Here in Europe all prices are going up massively

Meta raised the price for Quest 2 with $100 in August to cover new investments in VR according to their PR department. And in October Meta has an event that many believes will be the launch of Quest Pro or something similar that will live side by side with Quest 2.

I can find used quest 2’s for around $200 but even at that price I’m hesitant. Does anyone know of any other ways to play VR with scripts other than the local video player on

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If you can sideload Heresphere VR player, it plays scripts directly with the video. There is a free version on their website. If you are unable to sideload it, I would highly recommend getting the quest 2 which can use Heresphere. You can put the quest 2 into “developer mode” and up the resolution among other settings which make the experience 1000x better.

Heresphere VR Player is said not to work with the Go

I would recommend getting the quest 2, it is worth it. Especially with Heresphere and developer mode.

I’ve now tried a few things to play vr scripts on my Go. Nothing works. The quest is not an option for me at the moment, even a used one. Too bad !
So I’m going to give up my VR script projects for now and generally take a break from scripting. At least until I have the right hardware again.

Same issue :confused:

I caved and purchased a quest 2 on OfferUp for $175. Pretty good deal. Video quality is significantly better, and TheHandy connects seamlessly. Just thought I’d update here in case anyone was on the fence to upgrade. Imo it’s only worth it if you can get the quest 2 for $200 or less.

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