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SLR Scripts Premium upgrade for active users

We started unrolling Script upgrade option for Premium active users. Claim an upgrade in your SLR profile VR Porn Movies for Cardboard, GearVR, Oculus | SexLikeReal
You will be charged for the next period bundle price while getting immediate access to scripts. That means you will get some extra time of your current sub at no cost.

Enjoy your unlimited streaming for all the scripts Interactive VR Porn with Sex Toys - TheHandy, Fleshlight Launch VR, Kiiroo Keon, Onyx+ with Kiiroo Onyx+, Keon, Fleshlight Launch, TheHandy, Vorze Cyclone A10 SA, Piston sex toys.

Lovense Max 2 and Nora should be released soon.

If you don’t see Scripts upgrade in your user profile please give it a few more days to show up as we are rolling it out. We are working to add discounted scripts bundles to match your current plan, but it will take some month or two to get us there.

Sorry for all the mess guys. Unfortunately adult billers provide limited functionality of what we need. We had to go extra mile to make things work.

Bear with us. A lot more great news are coming soon.


I have a montlhy sub with discount, the upgrade will put the price to 39.99$ or it will be my actual price + an adjustement ?

Good point. The next thing for us is to introduce discounted bundles to match your Premium discount.

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I can’t see any upgrade button in that link. also, if I can’t keep my discount for now it is kinda useless, specially considering that downloads are limited. I think I’ll stick with buying the scripts for the scenes I want.

There is an update on this in the SLR forum:

Upgrades for discounted subscrption are not available yet, but they are working on this.

I wonder how bad is their tech stack for having so many problems with something that looks not so hard. I mean, they are “working on this” for more than 1 month already.

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Lol. You are so delusional. There’s no better tech than SLR in the whole adult sector.
And the issue is on biller’s end. It has been mentioned a few times already

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You also are the best at taking critic. sLr NuMBeR oNE :crazy_face:

To me it’s completely unprofessional to push script subscripition if only new customers can gain from it. Sir, you are showing middle finger to your old customers every time it’s not working. How many times you said it will be avaliable in a week or it is avaliable? Must have been like 5-6 at this point.

How hard is it to check if it’s working before writing a post like this? Doesn’t seem like you are the most tech advanced company in the adult sector if you can’t do a simple task like this.

I just wonder if it’s intentional, so your older customers will resign from their discounts/current subscriptions and re-subscribe…

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Upgrade is working for many users, it doesn’t work for all though (people with discounted price).

Otherwise I shall stop any communication with you for the feel of :face_vomiting:

the whole adult industry is lagging way behind in terms of tech. there’s not a lot of merit on being slightly better than the average. there’s still a lot to improve.

The strat is clear here: they don’t offer the huge discounts some of us have anymore, then they want to push us to subscribe again without such discounts.

True. It is pretty shitty that I pay for a full year, buy a bunch of their scripts, yet don’t have access to a service I would clearly benefit from and be willing to pay for.

Also kind of wild that an SLR representative acts so unprofessional, calling customers delusional, and refusing further interactions with customers, despite disagreements. This person clearly has a history with insulting others while having the SLR logo as his profile picture. Not a good look for SLR imo.


Today one of the SLR guys confirmed on discord that monthly subs that subbed before May 2021 won’t be able to upgrade and will have to resubscribe. Well, here my support for anything linked to SLR ends, I’m not gonna pay 30 bucks more for this.

that was kinda obvious, yeah

So is that the last word on that then? That’s really disappointing. There are scripts on there I’d really like but not so keen to spend any more money there now if that’s the case

fwiw, after some math, I decided that I definitely won’t be signing this scripts premium, even if they change their mind. I already own most, if not all, the scripts I care about, so even if I decide to buy 2 or 3 per month, it will still be ok budget-wise. however, I’m giving preference to realsync, not just because of this shitty slr move, but also because they have naughty america, badoink and wankzvr exclusives, that are usually my preference. I just realized that I already own more RS than SLR scripts anyway. lol