SLR scripts

Curious as to how the SLR scripts work. I understand that each script tier has unlimited access and the monthly subscription give 3 downloads. Does the one time monthly fee limit to 3 downloads as well. Just trying to see if i should just purchase them individually or do the monthly subscription.

You’re limited to 3 downloads per month with the monthly subscription, but unlimited streaming through SLR DEO App. I think it’s worth it.


ya i was looking more into it and its worth it the scrips im wanting come out more than the price of the subscription so it only makes sense. Thanks for the input.

If your internet is fast enough to stream em then it’s definitely worth it. Unlimited video downloads, 3 script downloads and 3rd party scripts will work without a hassle.

I don’t have scripts premium as my internet is to slow to stream and my regular premium account has a great discount from a year or two ago that I wouldn’t be able to transfer. I buy scripts individually and download them for local playback