SLR selection

Now I know the world is not my oyster and neither is it anyone’s who is going to comment on this but SLR has an amazing selection of videos that in comparison to the content being scripted is just sad IMO. Phew okay got that off my chest on some random ass forum on the internet


If you really can’t find anything for yourself among all those scripts at SLR I think that porn might not be for you then.

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You’re entitled to an opinion

Don’t quite agree with this to be honest. They have a bunch of high quality scripts over there and are really easy to purchase, and are constantly pumping out more. They’ve already added 15+ scripts just in the last week. Would obviously love for there to be more scripts, but I understand that takes time.

FWIW if a script hasn’t been created yet for a video you like on SLR, I’m pretty sure there is an “interactive-requests” channel on the SLR Discord.

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Really? I’ll look into that. I can see your point of view. I mean the industry is there in itself through diversity to not really consider it bias but like in my head I’m wow what a nice threesome Latina video or whatever then they post like anime and multiple multiple short clips of skinny white chics doing solo stuff and every so often an upload outside that theme will appear but overwhelmingly so I wouldn’t want to have to calculate percentages to prove my point but yeah


Just kidding @anon99698472 :slight_smile: - I know and totally feel your enthusiasm for more awesome scripted porn, but theres alot more Hardcore action matched scripted scenes maybe than you think already available at SLR

@thrway1681 is correct, every week lately has been about 10-20 scripts released, so actually more than ever tbh

In case you weren’t aware, You can sort by New or Top All time, and you can see there’s over 10 pages (350+ altogether) of Hardcore alone (non solo, non cgi) excellent scripts to awesome scenes to enjoy with lots of variety to please anyone.
Its definitely more variety than any other site out there to date and only growing nonstop

For many scripters, we choose personal preference as a bigger priority as we find its the best motivation to fully complete creation of a script, and everyone has unique tastes which is great!

If we haven’t reached a super hot scene yet, I wouldnt worry, our aim is to eventually get to them all :slight_smile:

In meantime, If theres certain type of girls/scenes you really like personally in particular, feel free to make a request:

More demand, more likely it will happen :slight_smile:

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I´m not quite sure what your expectations are ? I mean this in a way, that I simply don’t UNDERSTAND your first posting. When you say that the total selection of videos in comaprison to the scripted content is “sad”. What´s the exact point? Do you feel, that there is altogether too less scripted content or do you think, the “wrong” clips are scripted or what’s this about ?

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I really don’t understand why people are being funny with you. All you’re saying is that is that you wish all those thousands of videos on SLR etc would be scripted as well. Me too, how amazing would that be!

Don’t worry though. Funscripts were almost nonexistent for a long time, but they’ve started to enter a kind of renaissance fairly recently. The efforts of prominent scripters and companies like SLR/czechvr have caused script production to really ramp up. I think SLR are pushing out 10 or more great quality ones every week now, it won’t be long before that adds up to a lot of scripts.

If you want to see what it’s like to have nearly every video scripted really well, look no further than czechvr. SLR are making the biggest strides forward now though and will catch up quickly. As long as SLR don’t price themselves out of the market (my main concern), the future is looking bright.