SLR Videos and Scripts without VR Headset

Although I don’t have a VR headset I recently signed up for SLR since the scene quality is great and the videos are still enjoyable using third party apps like Whirligig or even just the web browser video player, and I figured I can still use the scripts while watching the videos in 2d.

However, I discovered that the only way to sync the scripts and videos I need to use the SLR app or DeoVR, both of which are unusable without a VR headset (unless I just couldn’t figure it out). They do offer to download the scripts and videos to play locally but only allow for 3 script downloads a month.

I understand why they would limit script downloads I’m not arguing against that but since my whole reason for signing up is to use the scripts I was incredibly disappointed that I would only be able to use 3 scripts in a month.

What I’m asking is does anyone know of a way use SLR App/DeoVR without a VR headset? Or any alternatives that would allow me to stream and use scripts without having to face the download limit. (Note: I’m not looking for a hack for free content)

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Hi @charz1060

Thanks for your post and I completely understand your message, but SLR videos and scripts were meant to be used with a VR headset, as its best experience designed around that which we highly recommend users trying out.

Yes you do get 3 script downloads a month, but you also get full streaming access to approximately 1000 full length high end scripted scenes.

I know not everyone has a VR headset, so I have actually brought up trying to make our VR content playable for 2d users like yourself, and I believe its being considered, but the focus will always have primarily VR playback in mind for future content and features

Sorry I dont have better news, but definitely try to get into VR one day if you can

Thank you for the reply. So just to confirm here if I don’t have a VR headset I can only realistically take advantage of 3 scripted scenes per month? Having access to the scenes themselves is great which is why I’m not mad about signing up but my primary reason is the scripts. Obviously VR is recommended but I wish it was more clear that it is required for streaming scripts.

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Not quite the same issue since I have a VR headset (HP Reverb G2) but the SLR app/DeoVR don’t work for me at all when I try to launch it in Windows Mixed Reality. It simply freezes at the loading page with the app logo and there is no way to control the app in 2D desktop. I also recently signed up for SLR premium + script (I am aware of the limit on downloads) in the hope of streaming the videos with the the Handy toy.

So it is disappointing that the app seems to be the only way to sync the videos with the Handy. It would be great if SLR allows toy connection and streaming directly on the website using normal web browsers without any app installed, something like CzechVR member site.

Yeah there are a few sites that have plug ins to connect toys in the browser, both free sites like FapTap and the Handy database and premium sites like CzechVR. There’s even an extension made by a user on this site that lets you connect your Handy to some sites.

Adding mouse control in the apps would also be a good resolution (might be a quick fix might not depends on the code) if you can get the app to run.

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Having the possibility to stream videos and connect the toys in the browser would solve the issues (since you could view videos in flat mode too without headset). Really hope that it would be added on the SLR site.

Correct - SLR wasnt actually designed for non-VR users but it can technically still work for offline nonVR use like you have been using and are more than welcome to continue to of course (theres a popup prompt on SLR that usually clarifies the VR headset requirement to avoid confusion)

@v20_r - I would recommend emailing the support team, they should be able to help you with your particular freezing issue → Help | SexLikeReal

Are you loading SteamVR app after Window Mixed Reality fully loads up, and then loading SLR/DeoVR app after SteamVR fully loads up? (you need those 3 apps running in total)

I agree that would be great, and maybe its possible in the future, but that would still likely limit resolutions to the non-ideal browser limit of only 4K iirc

Also agree, but I believe with current architecture of SLR app, that it is relatively difficult to implement (you can head/gaze point though in the app)


I just found a solution to this, kind of. First step is to enter your Handy key onto your account on the SLR website. Then navigate to a video in your browser. Click the ‘open with DeoVR’ button on the video. For me it opened the video on the DeoVR app and the site asked me to sign in, which I did. Once I was signed in I got a message ‘loading the script to your Handy device’ and then it worked!

I only tried using an xbox controller and keyboard/mouse. Keyboard and mouse don’t work at all but the xbox controller does, don’t know about other gamepads. Navigation with an xbox controller is extremely limited and very awkward. You can control zoom and move the camera up or down (not side to side). You can control volume, play and pause, and skip forward or backwards 10 seconds. Also, this works with opening on the SLR app but it didn’t ask me to sign in so I couldn’t load full videos or scripts.

I can make a video showing this or make a full how to post with more details if people would find that helpful.

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Thanks for the tips and solution @charz1060 and @Realcumber . I tried the DeoVR app again using Steam VR in Windows Mixed Reality and suddenly it all worked out fine (both with Handy connection and the app). I did write feedback and email them about the issues but I never received any reply. Glad that it is now working as it should, though I still think it would be nice to watch interactive content on SLR without installing any external app.


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