SLR web player update - Haptics connection

Hi folks!

A big release today regarding haptics for all haptics lovers!

What is new:
Handy connection through Wi-fi: - Available on all browsers (laptop, PC and smartphone)

  1. You need to have Handy Key in their profile. If you do, upon selecting script, Handy connects automatically.
  2. “Scripts” added into player “Settings” - you can choose between scripts depending on subscription or purchase availability

BT connection only works on Chrome regardless of device!

Supported BT devices: Handy, Kiiro Keon, Kiiro Launch, Kiiro Onyx, Vorze Cyclone Sa, Vorze Piston Sa

Below you can find a small guide on how to make it work:

Handy Wi-FI

  • You needs to have Handy Key inserted in the relevant field in his profile
  • When opening video, you need to open settings and choose an available script - Handy connections will begin automatically
  • On the down left corner there will be status update. Red- connection problem, Grey - connection in progress, Green - connection active.
  • When changing script, reconnection occurs - system needs a few seconds to reconnect.

BT connection:

  • You need to enable BT mode on the device.
    Important: DO NOT connect device to your laptop if using it in desktop, this will prevent connection
  • When video open, click “Connect” button and a system window will open, showing all available BT devices, choose the one you want want to connect
  • Connection will show with green dot (statuses are the same as for Wi-Fi)
  • Also script histogram will be visible on the status field
  • Choose a script and once video is playing, script will play as well.
  • If you opens a new video, you need to connect device again the same way.

Hope you guys enjoy!

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