Small measuring cup for X-Lube (or other similar product)

I wanted to have something that always gave me the same amount of powder when I mixed X-Lube (and not something too big that forced me to make 3 gallons of lube). So that I could then figure out the right amount of water for that amount by trial and error.

So I made this:

It’s small enough to make about 250 to 300ml of lube (I’m still figuring out the right amount of water).


hey I use x lube, does it like to attach to the bottle to do u use it as a measuring cup

Nope, you have to carefully “poor” powder on it to fill the hole, and then you use the lid to push the extra powder back into the X-Lube bottle.

Been thinking whether I could store the powder in a coffee jar and then just scoop it.

Humm, that might be a better idea. At least, you could measure it inside a container. I’ll transfer some powder into a small mason jar that I have laying around. Only needs to find a suitable spoon, or I’ll use my cup until I find one.

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