So I bought the Handy

have unpacked it but not yet had the freedom to take it for a ride… I apparently didnt do enough research beforehand… (stupid me) was not aware it required a cell phone to operate. I dont like the idea of having their program associated with my cell phone account. I dont understand why I am not able to connect directly through bluetooth on my laptop and enter the info there…

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GitHub - FredTungsten/ScriptPlayer: ScriptPlayer is a video player that controls the Handy and lots of other toys in sync with videos. - on PC over WiFi


its just an app which you can remove once you have the code, once its sets up to the wifi you don’t need to keep it unless you change networks, the code it gives you just write it down and use it on either a the handy website or on any script player


thank you very much. looks promising

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But not everyone has a smartphone (and there are good reasons for this).

Idealy having an app on the pc (with bluetooth dongle there) and potentialy even a card in the box with a device name and security code (to avoid random devices connecting) would do a quite good job here. The PC application then can setup the handy the same way a phone would do then.

And in that case worrying about leaking information is going to be an odd one. Since on pc there are a lot of programs capable of leaking that information anyway. And compared to phones i trust pcs a lot more. Too many phones havent gotten security updates in years, and plenty of people dont even care either (which only made the problem worse).

With any private activities i would at least consider the part that devices should be secure (being able of leaking information doesnt mean they do), and that includes its configuration moment.

i agree some people dont have a phone but whats your concern with privacy issues? Think why would anybody care if you own a sex toy, the effort it would take to get that information has no payoff. Plus PC’s are just as vulnerable, if you connect to the internet your never 100% safe from hackers.

I do agree a PC app would be pretty good however as i spend far more time on my pc than my phone

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thx been stimming for a while am curious to see how big the difference is. :slight_smile:

its the association of the IMEI number with the program thats a problem… because once a program has been loaded onto your phone… that association never goes away. (The adtech industry loves that stuff)

Its also why people concerned about privacy should never EVER browse certain sites on their phones… even websites can read out your IMEI without asking.

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Privacy is a very important thing to guard. As once given away, you wont get that back.

Nearly every big company is realy pushing the ‘track your user’ to its limit. And often in such ways that are obsessive. Even minor details can on that often just be excessive: why do google, meta, microsoft etc need to know what you use?

If you use windows, you can argue microsoft needs to keep windows stable. But if you need your phone to just connect the handy and nothing else. Why have that phone step? It automaticly means google gets this information. And as these apps are specific, they will know quite a bit. They could indirectly even use this to track usage (handy is visible in wifi network, that means its online). You only have to trust google that they (and governments) dont abuse this info.

Companies rarely look at these aspects, because its very hard to understand what every thing causes.

Anything that can make this tracking harder is therefor beneficial.

And the argument that google ensures a safe platform, and that being worth some loss in privacy is an invalid one: when giving in privacy for security you get neither and lose both. Security is never a case of ‘if’ things go wrong, its always a ‘when’.

Thats why people sometimes need to be a bit obsessive about privacy. As those people are needed to make those who are less aware of it, at least aware of basic risks.

And this doesnt mean i use a dumbphone myself. I am aware im not protecting my privacy very well. But that doesnt mean i dont look for ways to improve it. Any improvement here can automaticly be beneficial for others, while they dont even need to think of it.

Sex devices are due to being a bit of a taboo, a very good place to look at these things. Good standards here often will end up market wide. Since no company wants to have news leaked out about their sextoy exposing someones life, its a good driving force here.

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fair enough, personally i’m not too bothered, friends and family irl know im a scripter and they don’t seem to mind but thats specific to me i can see how it would be concerning for others

Meanwhile the OSRs attempting to hijack user info:


As much as I would like to use bluetooth, handy does not work well for me, especially when the scripts are detailed. It can’t keep up and movements are jerky. Handy over Wifi connection smooths out the movement and feels like a different toy.

Don’t know why, but it seems to me that over WiFi, handy is loading up the script or looking ahead for future movements. As oppose to bluetooth where it feels like the script is being read as it goes.

I actually thought my Handy broke when I was using bluetooth. I have tried different bluetooth adapter, but nothing.

If it was a video game, Bluetooth connection would feel like playing on a low budget PC where the PC has trouble handling the game. And Wifi would feel like playing games on a high end PC.

Your intuitions are correct! The two modes of connection works quite differently.

But the script content also affects the experience. A simple script with top and bottom point only will hardly feel any different. Stutters arises when the script has too much intermediate point.

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Because people had a tough time setting up wifi earlier and the app was the solution to make it easier for the user. You can downgrade the firmware to v2 and do it the old way without an app and then upgrade again if you want. A TheHandy rep wrote the instructions on reddit.

Well what can I say… I bit the bullet and did the phone thing cause I was too damn curious…

I gotta say… we are really living in a time of decadence… WOW… just… WOW… its a completely different feeling than Estim… more… whole is the best way to describe it.

Unfortunately the attempts to use open source software to drive the handy didnt go to well for me… one video and then it got jittery… was afraid I had already broken it .

Went back to the commercial app where they can collect what I watch … (why only chromium guys just WHY… if I dont turn Bluetooth on… webbluetooth shouldnt be a requirement for playing the vids right?)

The hands free setup was a bit finnicky but worked in the end. That tighening the hinge also tightens the rest of it… might be a good idea to tell the customers somewhere.

And if I press the power off button long enough the damn thing should go off…

so those are my tiny nitpicks… but overall I agree with @Simpopo completely… Its a new world out there and I am going to enjoy as much of it as I can…

I would recommend the Handy with the Hands free kit (or your own solution)

@Hungflick you Sir had the honor of popping my Handy “cherry” with “worth your worship” (poppers version) I tip my hat to you good Sir… Thank you…

Some scripts are too fast for bluetooth compared to using wifi (via TheHandy servers). Could have been that you experienced when you say “it got jittery”. When you use wifi the entire script is downloaded in the device and only timestamps are transmitted to keep the device in sync with the video. When bluetooth is used commands are sent for every direction or speed change and there are limits in both device and the bluetooth communication itself.

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both were wifi connectons on same vid and script

For curious people reading this in the future, you don’t need a phone app to configure the handy, you can do it in a web browser. Handyverse (i successfully setup my handy this way).

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whew lad