So my quest pro came in the mail today!

Im pretty excited about the full color passthrough and high quality video streaming, I currently use deovr and heresphere along with the handy.
im curious if there is anything else I could be missing out on like adult games or other means of content? I plan on playing games through my pc rift link like half life alyx and assassins creed but I am asking the community for suggestions to make the best use out of my new headset.

thanks in advance for any suggestions at all!

VirtAMate is pretty legit, especially if you upgrade to an OSR2+ with twist or SR6. If you do pick up VAM, it has a really steep learning curve. I highly recommend using paid plugins like vamX and JayJayWon’s assist plugins to make the experience more user friendly. Tempest’s plugin and Yoooi’s plugin give your toy a script that matches the action as it’s happening - which makes for an incredibly immersive experience. Make sure you set any plugins you like as your default plugins for sessions in the main UI.

VAM takes a lot of work to make it shine. You will need to fine tune scenes to make them work with the toys. There is an ocean of looks and scenes to choose from, some paid and some free. If you pick up VAM, just know that it’s a lot to learn and will be a struggle until you get to know how VAM works. Best of luck!