Software allowing for choices in a series of funscripts?

I have been wondering if there was any way to give the user choices during a funscript? I have a couple ideas that I would love to work on, involving choose your own adventure style choices. The only way I have been able to think about doing it so far is to have it set up as a playlist with the names in order, and start from the beginning. Then have a short video play after each video/script with the choice you can make, telling which script to play in the playlist next. Any thoughts?

Do you mean kind of like Lifeselector?

Create sometinh like that is possible with simple coding but we need videos working with this concept too. And I havent seen some except on this web site

What I was thinking would be linking multiple videos/funscripts together, so you would be able to use existing videos, with just a bit of text and a choice prompt linking to the next video. You can get really creative without even having to make scripts specifically for it.

Not much out there that’s chose your own or interactive. Closest thing you’d get to that type of content since choose your own adventure porn in and of itself is fairly rare would be H-game content. One of the things I wish the HANDY manufacturers would have done is develop some kind of API for use w/ the unit that developers for H-games and similar content could easily hook into.

There are tons of projects as simple as something like Fapqueen up to full scale 3d projects w/ scenes / renders like Project Helius or Subverse that could easily implement something like this (Especially Helius since its ALSO VR focused)

The virtual blowjob project shows this kind of thing should be possible to do, but I don’t think anyone’s trying to push the bar forward.

Yeah I am not looking for finished projects using something like this, I am looking for some software that I can use to create my own projects. Really just a popup menu at the end of a video with a picture or some text and a choice of what video/script to play next is all I would need

Out of interest i did create a quick and dirty prototype out of python flask which could do this.
But i used a simple json file, where it would probably be better to have a custom interface for scripting so it could do fun stuff like storing variables nicely and have fun “events” like timers and maybe quicktime events.
But all in all, i think this would be amazing.

I did some work to get it into a state that im not ashamed of, if you want to try my small testing adventure with theHandy, you can download it here

Some bugs, it currently doesn’t wait for funscript to load
One of the videos is bugged and acts oddly
Also it doesn’t work on safari, for whatever reason
If you want to fiddle with it, see info.json in the adventure directory, there is no ui for this.
(also visit 127.0 0.1:5000 in the browser after running the do file to view it)

You should read this thread here:
Pseudonym and fagustree are working hard!

That looks like it could be promising, but it looks like it might be a pain to make adventures for (some coding still?) and it looks like it is locked behind a patreon paywall to even log in and see how it works or use it to create an adventure myself

Wondered if we have anything like this yet?

I know I should be working on OFS.
But recently I’ve been obsessed with this idea. :smirk:

Deliberately low resolution screenshot.
I’m implementing a node editor using the godot game engine.

I found a really interesting video which produced this graph.
Hopefully this is going to see the light of day someday :pray:
So far it’s been a lot of fun to work on.