Software for Macs?

Looks like everything here is for Windows users. Anything work on Apple machines?
Mac users gotta jack off, too. Thanks

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I’m a mac user. Not sure which software you’re specifically looking for, but if you use Bootcamp assistant to partition your computer, you can essentially run Windows and have all the apps you need running on that.

It’s what I do for now until dedicated Mac Programs are created.

You could also use VMWare Fusion, which runs a virtual machine but that’s usually a little slow for more that’s why I prefer Bootcamp


Found something in the net.

Or you can try to get a Win10 box PC and use a remote desktop connection on it.

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bootcamp is where its at :slight_smile: I have macs all around me and a bootcamp installation fixed everything.


Will it do ARM MACOS?

not sure- I have intel and it works great. I dont see why it shoudnt tho

Have a look at this one. It’s a browser based scripting tool by HandyAlexander.
Does this work on a Mac?


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