Software I’d Like to See

I see a lot of ingenuity and great people with good ideas here so I thought I’d share two things I really wish existed but don’t.

First, I would love to see a way to create funscripts on mobile. In the past two months I’ve really gotten into scripting and have done about 6 scripts. I’d like to do a lot more but it’s just kind of inconvenient to have to be on a computer to work on them. I think it’d be a lot easier to maintain privacy on mobile too and I’d probably be more comfortable working on this stuff with others home if there was a way to do it on mobile.

Second, I would really like to not have to download videos. The workaround I use right now is having the virtual blowjob site up and my video up on my phone in window mode. I hit play on the funscript and hit play on the video at the same time. This works great for funscripts that start at the 0:00 mark, but obviously I can’t rewind/fast forward and a lot of scripts don’t start at 0:00. I don’t really like filling up my devices with porn or waiting for videos to download and if there was a way to avoid that it’d be really cool.

Again, just wanted to throw these two ideas out there. Definitely not ungrateful for the stuff people have already made! You guys rock.

I’ve been using this to script on iPhone for a little while now with decent success. There’s a playback slider to slow it down but there are limitations once enough data has been logged which requires another pass where you left off on a script once input gets laggy. I then import to OFS to fine tune things. I have a trove of scripts of been working on multi axis for that I’ll be releasing soon once I’ve cleaned them all up.


Here is another one to try out:


For #2 - @Lucifie what if HandyControl had a feature where it listens for the next mouse click in the background? So you ‘arm’ the listener, alt+tab to PornHub or whatever and click ‘play’ - and that same mouseclick also starts the script playback?

My apps are web apps so they can’t listen for mouseclicks in the background, but since you’re running in .NET land you might be able to make that work?

There might be a way since you can start/stop a video with space bar and also use a link with a second timestamp but I dunno how well it will sync. Maybe I give this a try at some point.

I was thinking more hooking into the Windows mouse events API and detecting a mouse click even if HandyControl doesn’t have focus.

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