SOLD G90ak Edition OSR2+ For Sale Quiet Servos

Hey guys! I’m heading back to my dorm room in a few months so I’m going to have to part ways with my unit. I’ve had it for about 4-5 months and it has Flash Hobby 45Kg servos. It comes with a compatible power supply and USB connection. I’ll also throw in all of the receivers I have. I’ve got the standard fleshlight, the fleshlight pilot, and the onahole adapter. Feel free to message me if you need any additional pictures! I’m asking for 180 plus shipping PayPal F&F. US shipping only!


Looks like one of my g90ak Edition units! :slight_smile:

Whoever picks this up will also have access to all of my exclusive scripts as well as my setup guide.

@Gibblive2000 - just let me know who the lucky buyer is and I’ll make sure they get the links. GLWS!

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Thanks for the vouch G! G90 has an excellent set up guide for buyers. Took me about an hour to get everything set up under his guidance!

I take it it’s in the US? due to the use of dorm not halls.

Yup! So sorry for not putting my location in the listing! Will update it right now! I’m located in Texas USA

Hello mate, can you ship to Canada? It shouldn’t be too different than sending in US.

I’m sorry I’d much rather ship in the states. I’ll pm you if I change my mind if that is okay?:sloth:

Ill take it. If you want to trade I make custom LLM’s as a freelancer. I would be willing to make you something. Either a voice or text model. I can provide a portfolio/github upon request etc. Technically these are super expensive but it’s whatever, it’s fun, like playing god. If not paypal works for me man. Im in seattle

Do you have any examples of these custom LLM’s? Something that I could demo? I have a idea that I’d like to explore for developing a chat bot / avatar bot which is SFW stuff.

Dm sent :sunglasses:

sold already?

Still available :sunglasses:

Depends what exactly you mean by demo. Usually the models I make are for companies and under NDA there are a couple that I could spin up for you real quick. I just dont think an AI that can query a companies product line in chicago is what you’re after. As far as voice models, I can provide samples of the voice sure.

This is kind of hard to explain without sounding arrogant but I feel I must. These are most certainly not inexpensive things to buy. Depending on the voice model it will range from a 1000-3000$. And i’ve had chatbot contracts up to about 16 grand.
I am more than willing to work with you though in terms of keeping cost down. Things like working on the project in stages, training on less compute intensive hardware, etc… If I know youre a big company I will charge you more. If I know youre just some dude on a funscripter forum i’m going to be a bit more understanding.

Ultimately, it really depends what it is you want exactly. I also have a personal nsfw assistant i am in the process of making. Not finished but that might be a good example of something close to what you want.

Still available? I live in WA. I’m interested.

Dm sent :sunglasses:

I plan on buying it, just waiting on one last response. :slight_smile:

SOLD! Thank you all for the interests!