(SOLD) Handy, brand new and unopened - Paypal only for protection. Can prove ownership. £100 Inc. posting. UK only

Hi all,

Got an unopened handy for sale, brand new in box. Unable to return it as it is past the 30 days and can’t sell it on eBay as I need to be a registered business to sell 18+ projects so thought I would chuck it on here. (If anyone knows any other sites where you can sell things like this and it is protected by paypal let me know).

Can prove authenticity no problem and as it says in title, will only do transaction through PayPal with the goods and services option. Will send tracked and signed for and feel free to film it when opening up on your end for peace of mind - I will do the same on mine as I pack it.

£100 I think is fair considering it is brand new and sealed. Will drop it soon if it doesn’t sell.

Feel free to send me a message on here and we can exchange emails or numbers and get it sorted out.

Thanks :slight_smile:

Sent you a pm

Hello are you still selling the handy ?

@km909 please reply to this as sold and then mark it as the solution so this gets closed out

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