[SOLD] Handy For Sale UK/ Europe £65 not including shipping

Hey guys,

Planning to sell my Handy here and the condition is still very good and working perfectly.

I won’t send the sleeve (unless you want it), but you can order it for a cheap price from the Handy website directly.

Reasons for selling it:

  1. Moving out soon at end of year
  2. No need anymore for it

First come First Serve to anyone who would want it

Please send me a message if anyone’s interested thank you!

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Why are you selling out of curiosity?

Just cause I’m going to be moving out of UK soon and clearing up space for it

So I didn’t want to throw it away but rather sell it to someone else since it’s still in top condition and would be a waste to do so

Is this still available?

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Yes it is @Whywontitwork

long shot, but do you still have this?

Sorry but I have sold this already :sweat: