***SOLD*** New! Full options SR6 for sale

I have a new SR6 for sale, full options:
This device is definitely a more superior robot than the OSR2+ when it comes to directions of movement and recreating what is being viewed.

For starters, where the OSR2+ would struggle against the negative pressure of the T-Valve and the stock screw on cap, you will not have that problem with 6 servos driving the receiver of the SR6.

The sway left and right that the SR6 can achieve is not even possible on the OSR2.


  • SR6
  • Twist
  • Heater
  • T-valve
  • I-lube

This device comes without power supply, but it’s easy to find it on the market.
The device is new.

Price is only 340$ (instead of 680$ in the store). PayPal payment only.



Are you shipping to europe ?

Yes of corse, shipping from France.
Best regards

Ok fine , how can we proceed ?

hi @Prolinea1, please close this by marking a reply as solution. thanks

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