(Sold ) Selling my handy 1.1 with true grip 2 weeks old U.S.A

Well funny story i have been a lurker here in this forum for a year just checking out the new scripts that people make in the free scripts section and finally i bought it and used it for 1 week and now im selling it lol. I bought this 2 weeks ago and was not what i expected i even bought a oculus quest 2 with bose wireless headphones to not hear the handy thrusting. I tried to get the best experience and i figured that i need a wife lmao. Im 34 and still a virgin so maybe thats why i thought this was the temporarily solution but i was not satisfied. The handy is still the best thing for stroking and the sleeve feels good but at my age i should be with a real woman.

I have a ebay store and know how to ship stuff so shipping its super easy for me just give me your address and the rest should be easy.

I dont know how the transactions work here but i have cashapp and zelle and well i dont use paypal no more but if thats your only way then ill accept it.

As for the handy it comes with the true grip sleeve i believe i didnt spill my seed in it i just let it stroke me since i didnt want to let it drain my energy and be lazy to work in the early morning.

I did wash it and cleaned it with alcohol and keep in mind i have no stds whatsoever i have never been with a girl and well i never had nothing to worry about.

Anyways the downside is that i threw the box away along with the instructions on how to set it up because i believe i was going to use this for a long time so it only comes with the handy and sleeve and of course the power supply to have it on.

115 free shipping

Questions or interested dm me

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I wish you the best of luck! You can do it, I believe in you senpai.

Thanks brother

It’s like seeing someone quit drugs and go to rehab. We salute you. Stay strong, go get a puppy, walk him downtown and play “pulling for bitches” my college roommate did that and it actually worked. Now he has a dog and wife

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Thanks i do know you become more attractive and more confident and deeper voice etc. i experience it but the handy was just so lustful that i got tempted to buy it now im trying to get rid of it asap if it was cheap i would have just thrown it to the trash so yeah i agree with you thanks for the encouragement

A wife solves 0 problems.