[SOLD] Selling used g90ak ORS2+ - $115 + Shipping

Used for about a month, works great. Selling because I upgraded to an SR6 since I mainly use VAM. Handy/Onahole adapter is installed, will also include the normal receiver for Fleshlights. I do not have the desk mount. DM me if interested.

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Messaged you!

Whoever purchases this - if they need a desk mount or any other accessories printed - hit me up. I’ll do it for cost of material + shipping since its part of the g90ak OSR2+ family!


If I do get this, I have an FDM printer at home to print :slight_smile: I would just need the STLs.

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just got the tracking number so I’ll let you know if I need anything when it arrives. really glad I was able to get on this one since I am always late to the drops.

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