(SOLD) The Handy 70€ in Europe


I am selling my nearly new handy. Was rarely used because i have an OSR!
3D printed Fleshlight mount included.

PXL_20210420_191343498|666x500 PXL_20210420_191356097 PXL_20210420_191359896 PXL_20210420_191409162 PXL_20210420_191413514PXL_20210420_191343498

Handy is still available.

Hi, How much to ship to Australia?

I think something like 30 €.

if you could get an exact figure, i could be interested in buying it off you :wink:

I live in the us it b nice to have the Fleshlight mount

Shipping to Australia is 39,74 €.

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Still available. Price updated to 70 €.