(solved) EroScripts home button in header

This is a minor issue or more of a convenience issue.

Is it possible to have the EroScripts “home button” in the page header all the time? It disappears when scrolling down and is replaced with the thread title.

When using Latest view and clicking on unread posts I often end up somewhere down in the thread and there is no back or EroScripts home button visible. I have to scroll back up to be able to see and click on it. I can use navigate back in the browser of course, but that will leave the unread counters unchanged without reflecting that I’ve actually read posts and I have to reload the page or click on the EroScripts home button, which is visible at this point.

This is not a big issue, I’m just checking if there is some easy config setting that may solve it.

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Does clicking on the logo in the header not take you back to the top of the forum? It seems to for me.

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It does and that what I meant with the EroScripts “home button”, but open a forum thread and scroll down a bit. EroScripts text disappears and is replaced by the thread title. You have to scroll up again to see it.

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Yeah, but when you scroll down far enough that the text saying “EroScripts” disappears, there’s an “ES” logo image that appears next to the thread title. Clicking on that image is what I was talking about.


Thank you! I would never have figured that out. That is all I need :slight_smile:

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