[SOLVED] - PSA: Bug prevents local script playback in DeoVR

Hey all :love_you_gesture:

Just a quick PSA. The latest version of DeoVR (13.9) and probably older builds doesn’t support local script playback via the Interactive folder ATM. This is not intended behaviour and will be fixed ASAP. There is an issue with the new file access privileges introduced in the Quest OS update (v51)

If you don’t use local scripts or DLNA with DeoVR then you can ignore this information. If you do then try to avoid the v51 update until the Hotfix 13.9.1 is released.

Check this threads in the SLR forum for updates

Well, I’ve never found an option to decline the update. Any way to do that? (On SLR App specifically)

I disabled automatic updates in the Quest’s settings. I get ask if I want to update any app before it’s starting.


Oh, I’m on Windows 10.

Ah okay, I am not sure if this affects you then. Probably not.

crap, updated before seeing this warning and yep, no local playback for scripts anymore, hope it gets fixed soon :frowning:

Hmmm. This is not okay.

As Dwight D “IKE” Eisenhower said after the bombing of Pearl Harbor.

“I will not stand for this.”

The local funcript playback is working again. The update 13.9.1 was just released:
I tested it on my Quest 2.