Some fleshlight questions / interrogation

I’m thinking about changing my fleshlight sleeve and for you which sleeve is the best one ? Softest one ? Did a quick shot fit in a fleshlight case ? It could feel more like a hand for example. I think just cuting my old one can do the same, but it’s more expensive.

All advises are goods

I had some success with getting a quickshot into a FL case to work with launch, just took out the inner ring of the FL case, put 2-3 layers of electrical tape on the inside of the ring and jam the ring onto one end of the quickshot and put it back in the FL case. You need to use a tape with some elasticity so that it will hold onto the quickshot once it is in the case. If your quickshot slips out just add another layer of tape to the ring until it stops slipping
Otherwise I recently got a FL turbo which is amazing!

Hey just to piggy back on your comment, huge fan of the FL turbo. It’s advertised as a blowjob simulator which it’s not. But definitely unique and feels great.

I searched around for sleeve rankings but it’s pretty subjective. It seems a general consensus is that the Destroya is a pretty intense one. I have it, and it’s very good. I also have the Beyond which is Madison Ivy’s which is good as well. Not as intense as Destroya but I honestly can’t rank one over the other.

I also have the STU. That i would avoid. I had a version from a few years back and that was really good but it seems they changed the texture/material sometime ago and it’s not nearly as enjoyable.

there is 2 type of turbo no ? Or it’s juste the color ?

yeah it is thrust and ignition (texture) , they come in either copper of ice (color). FL website seems to only have the Ice color. Just looking at the textures I would think the Thrust is more intense.

I’m above average in girth and the quickshot is literally painful to use, the case’s opening is insanely narrow – even if you remove the sleeve, it’s too tight to feel anything. No refunds ofc. Just a horrible product.

okey thanks for the advise

I have all variations - only get the Turbo Thrust (Blue) - copper and ignition variations are not as good/too stiff/less fleshly feeling

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Thanks for the advice. I do enjoy Destroya, I also have the Heavenly and Obsess; both are pretty great. I agree with avoiding the STU. The only input I can provide regarding the orifices is avoid the mouth I find it to be inferior in retaining lube.

If you are looking for an intense texture, Stoya the Dostroya in Fleshlightgirls is very intense and my favorite (I have tried a lot of them). Turbo Thurst as others are recommending is my second favorite and the layers at the entrance give a unique feel that doesn’t exist for the Fleshlightgirls. If you were to get two those would be my suggestions.