Someone have a software to play video and funscript on computer with DG-Labs Coyote?

Hi did someone have a software or scriptplayer for playing vidos + funscripts with the Coyote ?

Sorry for my english and sorry if i’m not in the good place to post.

Thank you

Hello ! Bonsoir !

Did you try to play video and script with xToys directly ?
Try using this link, this tease allow you to sync your script and video :clapper: : | DenialTek Industries

I use xtoys but i don’t know how to make a tease… i don’t understand how to do that :rofl:

Can we connect Coyote on the Software named “Scriptplayer” ?

Did you try with the link I sent before ?

No you can’t use a Coyote on Scriptplayer because it is not compatible with Buttplug Iniface yet.

Yes i tried the link and i had a nice hfo :rofl:

In fact, I’m looking for a bluetooth video player that can work with Coyote and either directly generate waves depending on the image or sound, or a video player + funscript of the scriptplayer type because at times I don’t have internet when I’m on the move. and I like to use the e-stim while watching a video related to the frequency of the waves.