Sorting by latest with topic creation date not last comment

I haven’t been here for some time and I remembered the “latest” sorting option sorted based on topic creation not comments. Has this been changed or do I just remember wrong?

edit: Seems like I can’t sort by “Top” within a tag either atm and that i’m 100% was possible before. Now it just goes to all tags when you click “Top”.

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I’m sorry I can’t answer if it used to be this way, but I really wish there was a way to view forums in the manner you mentioned by default.

But if there was a view that would sort it that way I’d love someone to show how it’s done.

I know forums in general have been set up to where the most recent reply shows up first for a couple decades, but I too wish I could view them by newest topic easily.

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Don’t know if there’s any way to find this in the UI


wow, this is an absolute life changer, now I don’t have to worry anymore about whether or not I missed a script.

this is great. any way to do this within a category/tag?

you should be able to just append ?order=created to the url of any category page?

Yeah it works. Probably did something wrong before when i tried it on mobile and got “page doesn’t exist”. Anyway thanks!

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