SR6 for less than $200? OSR2+ for $110?

In order to allow more users to experience the joy of multi-axis toys like OSR2 and SR6, I am introducing the following products for beginners:

OSR2+ (Strap receiver) $110.64

OSR2+ (Twist + T-value) $152.13

SR6+ (Strap receiver) $152.13

SR6+ (Twist + T-value) $193.62

There is also a summer event:
Users who purchase SR6 or OSR2+ will receive a free VESA mount upon joining our Discord server. The deadline for the event is July 13th.
VESA mount styles can be found at the following link:
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Why can we achieve such low prices?

  1. The main cost of SR6 and OSR2 lies in the servos. There is a significant price difference between different servos, and these products all default to using FT5325 servos, which are commonly known as blue servos.(The noise of the FT3825 servo can be a bit loud. Users who mind noise should refrain from purchasing it and can opt for the low-noise version of SR6 instead.Low-noise SR6
  2. I’ve made a lot of modifications, greatly reducing the assembly cost of SR6.

Does the low price mean a decrease in performance and product quality?

  1. Apart from the servos, all other configurations are the same as FUNSR6, including metal arms, unified power supply, homemade PCB expansion board, and power supply, etc.
  2. The differences in servos themselves will result in variations in maximum load, noise, and performance. Here is a specific data comparison:


       |Stall Torgue|30kg|32KG|35KG|
       |Stall Current|5A|6.5A|7.5A|

  1. All products come with free repairs within 30 days of receipt. If there are any issues, please contact me on Discord, and I will handle them promptly.

Would it be very troublesome if I want to replace with better servos?
You just need to disassemble the screws step by step and reinstall them. The homemade extension board reduces the work of rewiring and connecting, making it very simple.

Finally, I’d like to offer a coupon to our community friends.Thank you for your visit.
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Good news:Recently, I found a new shipping method, which may allow deliveries to reach friends in the USA as quickly as 2-4 days after dispatch.


those feetech servos are the first that i ever used. they worked okay, but had some incompatabilities with the PSU I was trying to use and the noise bothered me so much i immediately started looking at other options.

just an idea, if you want to bring the price down on these things, maybe consider selling just unassembled kits without the servos.


Is there a reason why your aliexpress shop doesn’t deliver to Germany?

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Germany requires a certificate for biodegradability. Although the 3D printing material is biodegradable, I don’t have the energy to apply for this certificate

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So my definition is aimed at beginners because I believe there are far fewer people willing to assemble than those willing to try. That’s why I did this, hoping more people could experience the fun of multi-axis. If I only sell materials, I won’t achieve the effect I want.

i dont understand, does comes with both mounts for a strap or fleshlight? and why is this so much more and does it also come with both a strap mount and a fleshlight mount? is it just the quality of the servos the difference in price?

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Yes, the servo motor price determines the price of the SR6.

Sorry for my ignorance. What is the functionality of the T-Valve?

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Do they come with a stand or a way to mount them to the desk?

By using VESA mounting, joining Discord will automatically include a VESA gift.

Controlling the pressure of FL through a servo motor to simulate a sucking effect.

Oh cool. Is there also a unit/addon for warmth? I’m still considering whether it’s worth getting an sr6. I’ve had a few toys but nothing could top my own hand as a partner replacement :slight_smile:

Could you check the product image of VESA? It’s designed to be clamped to the edge of the desk.

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The coupon link doesn’t work anymore

Shipping costs are high, delivery is slow, and some items are damaged.
The quality of the product is definitely great, but the shipping is so crappy that it ruins everything, so I can’t recommend it to anyone unless they improve it.