SR6 real basic set up question(s)


I’m considering leaping into the big unknown… and building an SR6. The build is simple enough for me, but I have no idea how you get one up and running from the get-go.

Is there a step-by-step guide from loading the software to using the device with scripts?

Any advice would be great, thanks.

Start with MFP (MultiFunScripter). You can connect through USB.
You also need a compatible video player. I’m using MPV. MFP needs to know the location of the MPV executable. You can set it in MFP.
Then just play video’s accompanied with a similarly named .funscript file. From there on out you’ll learn by yourself.


check out Tempest Max creator’s patreon page:

you have there all the plans and explanations on the start-up and use

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Awesome - thank you.

is there a way to get mfp to to save its settings? I’ve been using it and its getting annoying to reset all my limits and stuff each time

Should save them by default. Maybe need to reinstall?

MFP saves settings on each close. Maybe you have it in a folder without write permissions?

There is also a download button in MFP that will download latest mpv and set the path automatically.

weird now that you mentioned it i went and looked for some reason all of my drives have all their stuff set to read only and i can’t seem to disable read only option. Well running it as admin fixed the issue for me to. Might need to reinstall windows OS sometime soon.