Sr6 scripting function/capabilities

Hello everyone!

I’ve dabbled in creating my own scripts with the Handy and have recently considered purchasing the Sr6. I am planning on getting the “All The Way” Sr6 from, so I should be able to use the device to its fullest potential.

I was wondering exactly what functions/movements can be scripted for the device?

I currently have OpenFunScripter and have been scripting a video currently. I’ve almost completed the up and down axis and will be moving on to the others shortly.

If anyone could share any knowledge or experience they have with the device it would be greatly appreciated! I can’t wait to share what I’m creating with the community.


I don’t have any multi-axis stroker nor have I made any multi-axis scripts before, so assume I have no idea what I’m talking about. You’re probably already aware of this stuff that I’m going to write but whatever.

Here’s an explanation page on qDot’s protocol documentation site. It has a nice diagram near the bottom of the page which will be pretty familiar if you’ve used the Right Hand Grip Rule and Fleming’s Right Hand Rule in physics before. It’s nice for imagining how the stroker will move, but it’s probably easier just to try stuff out in OpenFunscripter using the 3D simulator (under the View tab). I’m not sure if there’s an SR6 featured 3D simulator though, as I only see the axes for the OSR2+ with the twist.

The MultiFunPlayer github website has the “English translations” for the axes on qDot’s diagram (e.g. L1 = sway), which can then be supposedly added in OpenFunscripter under Project > Shortcuts.

It will be easier for other people to give an answer to a less open-ended question, so if you have anything in particular that you are curious or unsure about, now would be a good time to ask. Otherwise, enjoy your SR6!

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Thank you! Any information is good information.

Mainly I just want to be able to script videos with all of its functions available to me… Like the t-valve, the I-lube, etc.

I’m a computer illiterate, but I have the ability to learn. I just need some direction. :joy::+1:

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i think you need to script the twists second then the gyrating (tilt) movevents maybe vacuum next and last the releasing the lube (as that will be very quick only a few inserts where she spits on your cock)

So here is where I can add the different script functions, with them listed under shortcuts.

If I select any of the 9 functions (surge, sway, suck, twist, roll, pitch, vib, pump, raw) they will appear as the proper funscript in the editing window at the bottom of the player.

Twist, roll and pitch are represented by the 3D Simulator. But the 6 other functions are nowhere to be found.

I guess my question is, what exactly do the other functions do… And how do I estimate their varying values?

The functions in the 3D simulator can be viewed when being played. As for the other I have no idea what they do and to what degree.

A good starting point i do for my multi axis scripts example twist,pitch,roll,sway,and surge consider 50 to be 0 so 50-100 is 0-100 and 0-50 is 0-100. so 0 is left and 100 is right 50 is the middle at home position (R0)twist is exactly what it sounds like is the receiver or fleshlight twisting left/right (R2)pitch is it angling side to side aka left/right (R1)roll is it angling back and fourth from you (L1)sway is the receiver or fleshlight moving toward and away from you (L2)surge is the receiver or fleshlight moving to the left or right of you (L0) is your main script . script that how you like it (L3)suck i use ranges 20-80 for riding and for hj/bj ranges 10-100 (V1)pump i don’t currently have it printed but would test it out before and make changes as necessary don’t wanna drown yourself in lube so would start out very light on that script (V0)vib is Vibrate attachment which don’t have it and don’t plan on it so couldn’t really tell you. if you dont see the other axis say surge,sway,suck,vib,pump you can always just open the video by itself no script and script it and rename that file as example. video name.sway.funscript or video name.surge.funscript just replace .sway etc. with any of the other axis that isn’t showing just repeat the open video by itself with no script and script it by itself. can find my multi axis scripts at Discord and my 2d/vr scripts from RTS at

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I have scripted a couple personal multi-axis scripts and have found a few things you should consider:

The players have movement range controls to adjust how much of each movement you experience during play back. For my scripts I use a higher range than I expect to want but keeping it relative to all the other levels needed for the axis. Then if it is too much I turn it down on play back. If it is extreme I can fix it later.

I think you will have to script and test some to get the ability to know what to expect. I scripted a couple very short video sections to test. I found that some movement is not real noticeable. Roll is an example IMO. Twist can be tricky too.

The design of the twist has now 3 main designs. The new one just released is far faster than any before. This will change how this feels when used.

A lot of the pitch movement can be the stroke script copied and offset slightly with good result.

I find that too much pitch,roll, and twist at the full up stroke position can throw Willy right out of the sleeve causing a real interruption of fun and at times panic even!

I hope to post what I have whenever I like it. May be a while…

Good luck.

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