SR6 Twist Centering/Initialization

I received my SR6 yesterday (thanks @M0SAIC very pleased with your work), so I’m working through all the basics of using these devices. So far I’m super pleased - the extra stroke length compared to the Launch is insane, once I installed the USB/UART driver everything connected right up, and I was almost instantly able to play scripts. The “issue” I’m having is with the Twist module - when I fire up the unit, it doesn’t seem to have a consistent “center.” I marked the point that it centered to when I turned it off, turned it back on and it picked a new center. I I turn it off and manually twist a little then turn it back on, it will again pick another point as its center.

This issue is compounded when opening a multi-axis player. If I open JoyFunPlayer it seems to utilize whatever center the SR6 picked, so this isn’t a massive deal. However, when I open MultiFunPlayer and connect to the SR6 it always does a 90 degree counter clockwise rotation… when I disconnect the SR6 is does the same 90 degree counter clockwise rotation. As I was experimenting setting everything up, I almost ripped the cables out of the T-Valve, I-Lube, and Heater modules because with every single connect/disconnect it does this rotation. Not a big deal without the aforementioned modules, but since these modules connect to the actual Fleshlight container it poses a big problem.

My answer to this point has been to turn everything on, let all the funniness happen, then twist in the Fleshlight once everything has found its center. Since this seems most pronounced with MultiFunPlayer perhaps this is best asked to @Yoooi, but since even at its core it doesn’t consistently pick a center point I figured I’d make it more general. Being a total noob to OSR/SR I could be overlooking something, so all advice welcome.

im very curious how the twisting looks while playing a script, as i haven’t seen a video of it in action. Any chance you could make a short video ?

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The twist homes at three different positions. It picks the closest home position when turned on. Then when the device is connected to a player it will try to home again. I have noticed this small difference in players as well.

There are two options (kinda the same options but just slightly different) one is to continue doing what you have been. Alternatively you can remove the Heated mod case from the receiver. Let it home and then put it back. I think what you have been doing is going to be the simplest. Let the device home and then put in the Sleeve.

I am looking to modify the Tvalve and the Heater to free spin at the top of the mod case to resolve this issue all together. It has been something I have been giving some thought to and recently I have had more feedback that shows me it is the correct direction to move. Give me some time to test it out and I will make a post about it in the future.

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Thanks for the reply! Glad I’m not doing something silly - I’ll stay tuned for updates and keep doing what I’m doing in the meantime.

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Are there any videos or GIF’s of the twist in action? I’d like to see if what it’s doing is what I’m looking for… to spin the fleshlight while moving up and down.

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Yay. Correct me if I’m wrong, but hardware wise, this would remove the need for the loud parallax servo, and allow us to roll whatever we’d like. Since ultra accurate twist positioning isn’t super important, duration of spin could be the new setting, rather than degrees of spin. There would be software changes needed, but would allow better selection of servo.

i 2nd what @tradethevolman is asking

Sure, I can get you a short video of it “in action”.

But yes, it does rotate the FL while it moves up and down.

Does it have to be 360 degree servo.
It would be nice if someone would change code for 180 or 270 degree twist-servos.

Not sure how the heater module connects to the fleshlight container, but someone on the Tempest discord has already designed a bearing that connects the tvalve/ilube to the fleshlight that lets it spin without tangling up anything

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