SR6 Twist Servo Doesn't Stop Spinning

Hi All,
I’m having an issue with my Twist Parallax Feedback 360 servo, after playing a .twist script it plays fine but if I stop the video it continues to spin and doesn’t stop/change until the video starts playing again. I’m using MFP 1.28.4 to sync script/video to my Quest 2 and changing MFP versions hasn’t helped I believe.

It worked fine when I first built my SR6 but after I took it apart to change the ESP32 it’s been acting strange.

Any thoughts? Thank you in advance.

Maybe a “grounding” issue, ive had servoes act up because the signal didnt have the same voltage potential as the esp32

If you have the pins correctly placed then we need to check the the firmware to make sure it is configured correctly.

// Other functions
#define TWIST_PARALLAX false // (true/false) Parallax 360 feedback servo on twist (t-wist3)

What servo are you using?

I’ll take a look at the grounds! Thanks!

Thanks for the diagram M0saic! I’ll compare the pinout.

I’m using Tcode v0.3b.

Using the Parallax Feedback 360° High Speed Servo

With the 360 servo if the feedback pin is in the wrong place it will just spin.

I stopped suing the 360 servo some time ago when Tempest release a TCode update that allowed for the use of the Ds3218. No feedback wire, more affordable and readily available.

Good luck.

My parallax servo does this if the signal wire becomes disconnected. I would check to make sure things are seated, soldered properly, and to make sure the wire has continuity.

actually, mines a bit different, because it wont work at all, I’ve never had both the 360 spin problem while also having it function correctly.

Found the issue, I checked in the settings and disabled “Continuous Twist”, not sure what this does but disabling it fixed my issue.

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