Stand alone heatmap generator?

Wondering if there is a standalone heatmap generator that just reads the scrips and generates an image. I have scriptplay and handycontrol installed, and I know one if not both have a generator, cant recall, but it needs the vid to generate IIRC. I also am aware that i could go back through posts and save the images maps one by one if need be. If this dosen’t exist, I would make it myself, but alas i am not that type of a computer person. Thanks in advance for link or if someone can create one real quick.

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HandyControl does not need you to have the video, you can just load a script in there and generate a heatmap.

And, FWIW, you can right-click and save heatmaps generated with by going to the Modify tab, if you can’t/don’t want to install any software c:

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