Standalone VR without internet

I’d like to have a system that can do VR and funscripts without needing an active internet connection or a PC.

One current setup is:

VR Hardware: Google Daydream
VR Player: DeoVR
Script Hardware: Launch
Script Software: SLR Interactive

This seems to work fine but to enable scripting support in DeoVR I have to go to SLR’s site each time.

Is there a way to have a setup that can work without internet or going to a website?

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You have access to a modem and the connection is slow (but you can use local connection) or you have really 0 access to modem ? With launch deovr and scriptplayer you can do it but you need at least a local connection to make the VRheadset and scriptplayer work on a PC

The hope is to have a system that is functional anywhere.
A mobile solution that can work in an RV regardless of location.

There would be a local wifi network but that network might not have internet uplink.

No PC. A fully mobile setup that works whether there is real internet access or not.

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Maybe something like this could work:

Raspberry Pi 4 + Plex
Google Daydream

It cannot, it uses theHandy’s http api (and the handyfeeling script upload api).
You need their new bluetooth api, which only supports linux at the moment.
Although i believe that buttplug io may have implemented it by now.
Another possibility is using theHandy’s local http server api, i dont know if its public yet, but there were hints that it would be coming


Hi there,

all Setups I can Imagine at the moment won’t work without Internet Connection AND without PC/Laptop.
I think it could be possible to generate a Setup with PC/Laptop and Script-Player to arrange the funscript syncing for the VR Goggles via an ad-hoc network with PC/Laptop as Local Hotspot without internet connection, but not without internet AND without PC…

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I am running handy, with quest 2 and deovr. I use deo for the dlna function and it was free. Works great. I recently started looking into this too. I bought a ravpower file hub ac750(iirc). Link:

The quest connects to the hub(no internet) and the hub has a builtin dlna function. Deo sees the hub and accesses it. But i need to go buy a sdcard for it to check further.

Alternatively i can use the webbrowser(still no net and connected to hub) to access hub via ip address. Here i can see the usb i have plugged into hub for vid storage. I can load the videos also, issue i have is file name changes. For ever space in the filename it replaces it with “٪”. Hence, the funscript dosent match up and play.

My hope is deo dlna will register sdcard as the memory and thats why i cannot see the usb files on the dlna view in deo. If it works then this should be a viable option. I will post when i get my sd card to try it. Otherwise i will be posting looking for fixes for the filename. Would like a fix anyway since usb is sooo much cheaper than high storage sdcards.

BTW. I am a novice pc guy. Dont know how to program or script or any of that. So someone with more knowledge might run with this info.

EDIT: UPDATE: yea no go, found setting on dlna on rav that enabled sharing of usb stick, and that fixed the filename problem for the quest. but now the issue is that it appears that a internet connection is needed for handy to function… @Yezohd8b on deo I am not using the browser for going to slr. I am selecting the local files button on lower toolbar, and then selecting dlna on left and selecting rav as my server. shouldnt need slr connection unless your say that it sends funscript to slr to send to handy?


Maybe it could be possible to have a system that uses a SBC, or low power PC, for serving the media to a mobile headset (Quest, Cardboard, etc) and interfacing with the interactive device.


I have no experience with Handy but the bluetooth API does give me hope.


DeoVR seems to require users to go to the SLR website to enable funscript devices.

If anyone finds a solution that works without a VR ready PC or internet, please share.

DeoVR seems to require the user to go to the SLR website within the app to enable funscript functionality in the DeoVR player. This requires an internet connection.

I think the handy uses the local IP network, but wasn’t aware that it might also need to communicate with outside networks to function unless the bluetooth functionality is enabled.

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