Start my scripting business ! Take all your script request!

Helllo there !

I started scripting since 1 year now and i really enjoy it. As you know, scripting is a big time consumer (expecially when you want to be perfect), so lets introduce my work.

Before being a scripter, i was a simple handy user like you, but i has a specific porn preferences which no one was really on. So i started scripting my own, as i was a not bad video editor, i get it really fast, and try some cool things faster.

So firstly i will continue to post some free content, but i want to share my scripting passion to you, and i will take all your scripting request (paid request). I mean every request you want, even fobidden subject like loli etc…

I also created a Patreon page where you can get all my work in HD (script which are not available on Eroscript) and some extras on it. Im specialized in the live2D style (skello, najar), but i can do everything.



What is my scripting style ?
I like when a script is exactly the same as the video, not just about movement, its a story about velocity and immersion. I want to make my script in the more realistic way i can. My scripts aren’t just “better masturbation”, i want to make the video feel real, i try to transcript the movement but also the touch on the body of the girl, her moaning, if shes stressed, angry, or hungry and even transcript her breathing.

Do i have a video style preference ?
Sure, i really enjoy the live2D hybrid video (you know the gorgeous hentai 60 fps style with a lot of physics and details). But i love CGI to (I REALLY LOVE CGI). I have a preference when its about inhuman things (video games, monster, horror themed, demons, anthromorph), but i like realism to.

Do i have limit ?
No, and its why i created a patreon you can request me everything you want , eroscript is a game changer and really i love this community. We dont tolerate extreme content on eroscript (i totally agree with this) but we are all different and have our personal fantasm and desires. So yes i start scripted some extra content (loli, forced things etc…) BUT ATTENTION, ALL MY EXTREME SCRIPTED CONTENT IS ON CGI OR ANIMATED VIDEO, NEVER I WILL SCRIPT A REAL VIDEO LIKE RAPE OR SMTH, ITS OUTER MY MORAL VALUE AND ITS ILLEGAL CONTENT.

So feel free to take a look and to join our family of great scripts addict.
Thanks so much to all the scripter on eroscript, you learned me a lot and your support is really important to me.
Thanks so much to all the new contributors <3

Here is a demo of what i made : 40.64 MB folder on MEGA

Here is my page link : Xopv is creating Custom FunScript for the handy and others | Patreon

Here for your personal request :wink: :
For personal scripting the price depend of the complexity of the video (2D, CGI, IRL), and of the lenght.

Feel free to give me some advices :smiley:


Can you provide any details around what you have scripted? # of scripts? List of them, etc.? Might help people make the decision to become a patreon or not since there’s no visibility until they pay.


Yes i do a post on it but you are right, ill include this on my post ^^

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Hello…where can I send you the video I want you to script?

Sorry, what is SMTH?

Quite possibly the most ridiculous way i’ve seen to troll peeps for a long time…

But probably just basic t’interweb slang for ‘SoMeTHing’…


Someone script this vid or request it i cant post requests yet :sob: