Starting Handy session with flaccid penis or erection?

When I got The Handy, I struggled to begin with a session. It is an awkward process: Get erection, lube up penis and the sleeve, put the sleeve on, and adjust and tighten with band. Sometimes I managed to do all of this without losing erection but I didn’t last long because I spent too much time getting hard (but that’s another issue. I know there is a thread how to last longer), but most of the time I lost erection and I just ended up not using the Handy at all.

It was only recently I figured how to do all this smoothly, or use The Handy to go from flaccid to hard. At least the session last longer now :stuck_out_tongue:

How do you begin? Do you get hard first? How do I make the set up less awkward and faster? Please share your techniques how to begin!


A legit issue I had at first as well.
Personally, I got my prepping done once I knew I was gunna use it.

  1. Get handy nearby, plug in, etc
  2. Put lube nearby
  3. Have sleeve ready for lube and to be put on (I prefer to squeeze all the air out and ‘suction’ it onto my member and then put the velcro holder on from the handy to the sleeve… sounds longer to explain than to actually do it lol)
  4. Then I scroll sexy sites or check out new vids/scripts here which is enough to get it <60% hard and ready for a sleeve.
  5. I load up a video/script to play
  6. Slide it on and I’m ready for the stroking to begin :slight_smile:
    I think the routine makes this go by pretty quickly. It’s the prep that I had/have to get over to start things. Plugging it in, laying out things on a desk, it seems pretty distracting and not sexy, that’s why I do it first and then get into “the zone”.

Put Gun Oil H2O in sleeve, spread lube around. Keep the sleeve in a cup or other rigid container, ready for action.
Position myself in front of Handy, which is clamped to a desk.
Put on VR, relax, go to SLR and watch some live girls, get hard.
Still with VR on, reach for sleeve and put it on, watch some local files.
Strap into handy, switch it on, lift off.

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Check out this topic I posted.
I had the same problem when I first got my Handy, I got a new sleeve and came up with a little different technique.

Not completely related, but this is one of the big reasons that I feel like no other device has lived up to the performance of the Realtouch. That thing was magical.

It’s the only toy I’ve seen that used the belt system instead of a sleeve, and it meant the machine DID NOT CARE if you weren’t hard. The devs even had a specific switch in the software, that would set it to “pull only” specifically to deal with that. Other than vacuum toys like a Venus2000, nothing else I’ve seen could solve the problem of losing an erection from all the technical fiddling and downtime.

Things like the Launch and the Handy are fun, but they are toys that you’re using on yourself. The RT was more like a ride that you got in and just held on.

Man I miss that thing.

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@OlafNielsen Both, having an erection prior to use makes thehandy easy to start but, If I start off flaccid I gradually adjust the stroke length from shallow to longer strokes as I gain an erection. This can be done on the handycontrol player but with scriptplayer it can be a bit buggy. The best workaround for me is the HandyFeeling remote. I personally use this to adjust the stroke length during sessions.

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