Starting to integrate Vorze Cyclone and Piston with SexLikeReal

Already making some progress getting the two connected with SLR Interactive over Bluetooth. These are very popular in Japan and I should say are done pretty well.
Cyclone is rotating
Piston is moving up and down just like Handy or Launch.

USB dongle is required for both for interactivity. @raser1 is working to make .funscripts compatible. We are also trying to make a deal with Afesta to get their JAV scripts available on SLR.


Do you have any performance data on the Piston? I have nothing found on their site.

What do you mean by performance data?
@raser1 can suggest for sure

My guess is details like:

  • max stroke length (0-? mm)
  • max speed (mm/s)
  • max number of commands processed per second, i.e. how close can points be set in a script without being delayed or skipped.
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Stroke length: 70 mm
Maximum speed: single full stroke in ~ 200 ms
Mininum speed: single full stroke in ~ 3000-4000 ms
Minimum command interval: Officially 100 ms, but I’ve seen it go faster with a strong BT connection

Generally speaking the piston does not stutter if you go outside these specifications. (compared to other toys like the Launch)

The stroke length is short, but the internal workings are very different which means you can’t compare it directly. It’s capable of giving different sensations that I haven’t seen on other toys.


Is the stroke lenght fixed or variable?

Yes it’s variable with 200 individual steps.

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