Hi everyone,

I would like to mention the tool I have written stash-vr-companion.
This is a tool that bridges the gap between stash and vr video players like deovr and heresphere.

Stash is an open source porn organizer with good support for scraping metadata for scenes.
It has handy support but no vr support currently (but there are pull requests being developed)
My tool sits between stash and provides web based json api for /deovr and /heresphere to provide an index of videos that are available allowing you to play content in the players.
This works in a similar way to xbvr.

This is designed to run inside docker on linux, to configure you need to provide the stash url as an environment variable as well as a docker volume to store an image cache.

docker stop stash-vr-companion
docker rm stash-vr-companion
docker volume create stash-cr-companion
docker pull
docker run -d  --name=stash-vr-companion --restart=unless-stopped -v stash-cr-companion:/cache/ -p 5000:5000 -e API_URL=

If you do not use docker note that the application is written in python and flask so it should run on windows or mac fine.
The process would be to install python, download the source from github, install the dependencies using pip, set the API_URL environment variable and run uwsgi in the folder containing the source code.

Scene Configuration
The list of scenes that show up in the list are configured by adding tags to scenes in stash.
For a vr scene you will typically apply the tags “export_deovr”, “DOME”, “SBS” to the scene to indicate that it is a 180 vr scene.
For 2d scenes you would add the tags “export_deovr”, “FLAT” to indicate it is a 2d scene.

Player Usage
This tool runs a web server on port 5000, access http://ip_address:5000 in deovr or heresphere and it should have a wall tagged scenes.

Script support
Stash has script support and if you have matched it there it should be provided to your video player.
if there is a funscript with the same name as the scene it can be associated with the scene, ie video.mp4 and video.funscript
I do not have an interactive device myself so I have not tested this myself but I believe it should work with deovr and heresphere.

Bug reports best made in the stash discord in the #plugins channel.


What is the advantage/disadvantage of stash vs xbvr?

Short answer is why not run both.
By default both run on port 9999 but you can easily change the port that stash uses by editing config.yml and changing it.
Both can co-exist on the same machine and index the same sets of files so there is no disadvantage to using both.


  • Scrapers are all built in and support a wide set of sites, metadata is scraped automatically and can automatically match files as scene file names tend to be predictable
  • Support for deovr, heresphere, interactive toys etc
  • Easier to use


  • As scrapers are built in they may not cover all studios and adding studios require a new release of xbvr
  • Scenes can now be created manually to fill gaps
  • VR only


  • Good metadata with a community maintained set of scrapers
  • we are building our own crowd sourced, user edited metadata database based on file hashes to allow us to provide better metadata to others
  • Great for 2d scenes
  • Web based, all you need is a browser so good support for watching on a tablet or phone in bed
  • Graphql api with third party scripts / tools to rename files based on metadata, export metadata to kodi, plex etc


  • VR support, is still being developed, so you need my tool to bridge the gap while that is being worked on.

Seems like the perfect companion to Stash(!), but would you be willing to write an “idiot’s guide” to installing the plugin in an Unraid environment? There’s a large community using Stash on Unraid, but I’m guessing most [of us] aren’t all that technically versed. I’ve been trying all day, but I just can’t get the hang of if (I think it’s the nginx thing messing me up, but I honestly have no idea at this point). Anyway, thanks for all your work!