StashVR Companion Issue

Anybody using StashVR Companion and having issues lately?

For me it seems to not be picking up the DeoVR compatibility.

What I can do is, move the docker container to an alternate port and it then loads fine. HOWEVER I don’t hsve Handy integration at that point as you need to log in to SLR first. So I do that, and then the web UI changes to SLR, even though the URL is still pointing at StashVR docker, so I toggle the URL to reload StashVR, and I’m back where DeoVR is not recognizing compatibility.

I thought it might be a wierd caching issue but the login process to SLR and it breaking immediately seems too convenient to ignore.

Anybody else facing a similar problem with this?

It should be using the same feature in deovr that xbvr uses ie provide the download url for deovr to download the funscripts automatically when streaming the video.
I don’t have an interactive device myself but I have users that have got it working.

For bug reports best to ping me on the stash discord or file a report on github.

It was the changes to funscript handling within DeoVR which broke it. I’ve moved over to Heresphere and no longer have that issue.

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