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State of script commissions

Are any scripters willing to take commissions to script videos as I’ve been unlucky when it comes to script requests and there are certain videos that I’d love to see done.

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I certainly can’t speak for everyone, but I have taken a couple of commissions in the last few months. In order for me to take a commission, it has to be something I want to script anyway. There’s too much time and effort in it to script something you don’t enjoy doing.

A professional scripter can get through anywhere between 2 and 5 minutes of scene time activity per hour, depending on the complexity. The average scene these days runs 30-40 minutes of active time, so that can easily run 10-20 hours of work. There’s a lot of variability in it. This should be taken into consideration when someone offers to commission a script. $150 might sound like a lot of money to script something, but if it takes 20 hours or more to get through it, you’re getting into the single digit dollars per hour range.

To be honest, the commissions I have picked up have come from people who have noticed the types of scenes I generally script, and then offer to commission something that’s in my wheelhouse. One was completely private and fully funded by one person, and the other was crowd funded but the original poster ended up footing most of the bill.

Another thing to consider is that I only have time to produce 2-3 scripts per month, and sometimes there are scripts I really want to make. That leaves little time for much else.

Again, I really don’t want to speak for other scripters out there, but I think you’ll have the best luck by offering a reasonable amount of money to have something scripted, and by finding someone who already scripts scenes similar to what you want scripted. Even then, you may or may not find someone willing to pick it up.

There aren’t that many of us scripting professional grade scripts, and most of us are part-time. That means there just aren’t a ton of resources to pick up commissions unless the conditions are just right. There are commissions that get picked up from time to time, and there are scripters willing to do it sometimes (I’m one of them). But there are no guarantees that you’ll be able to get any particular scene scripted, regardless of how much money you’re offering either. There’s probably a dollar figure that would tempt most of us, but it’s probably more than you would think in many cases.

I’m sorry to hear you aren’t having much luck, but I’d encourage you to keep at it. We all want to script things that people will want and will enjoy, and seeing what people are interested in commissioning may be how some people decide what to script. You never know when you might get lucky and catch someone at just the right time.

I hope this insight helps!


As usual burnbaby thinks more or less the same as me and i also script about 2-3 scenes a month at least one of them is a commission. I’m currently scripting a scene that i wanted to script myself and it will be on SLR at the end of this week. But as it is a complex handjob video the script speed can drop to just 1.5 minutes an hour so even a short video takes a lot of time.

Also i might be wrong but most of the high quality scripters are mainly working on VR scripts so if your looking for 2D it might be a bit harder to get your requests filled.

If you made requests for VR videos did you only posted your request here?
As there is another place for requesting scripts for commissions that a lot of us scripters use.


You can make a request on the Script Poolers discord. That will guarantee that pro scripters will at least see your commission offer, and others can help fund the script on there. burnbabyburn and VRnooBie have given a lot of good information as well. Script Poolers (SLR/RS)

Hello Mate,

send me a list of the videos you want scripting i will take a look and give you individual prices if you like