Strange request, I know: Scripts for vids feat. small(er) dicks?

(Thought about putting this in script requests, but as it’s not for A Specific Video, didn’t seem to fit. Please mods, feel free to move as you see fit.)

I know, I know. Who, among most here, is looking at the penis in a video? And of those of us who very much are, who would seek out a small one?

The thing is, the best scripts I’ve found for me (with a Handy), are the ones in which I can easily trick my brain into thinking it’s me getting the attention. And while I have a pretty vivid imagination, I’ll never be able to trick myself into thinking “MONSTER COCK” could be my own.

So do any vids/scripts spring to anyone’s mind that happen to feature a penis central to the story that is indeed on the smaller side?

The closest I’ve found is a wonderful “dad/daughter” script that I wind up, er, using, just about every day, despite the plot/premise not really being my taste.

I know, and am thankful for the fact, that stroke length can be adjusted on the Handy but there’s something about having the visual match that, that really does it for me.

I also know that creating my own scripts, to go with videos that do fit both my taste and my… equipment… would be ideal. And I’ll definitely get there. But at the moment, and working on a Mac exclusively, I’d love a few more vids to serve as go-tos until that point.

Many thanks in advance for any help!


I too like it when the dicks look like mine. Maybe a new tag?

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I just found out that this one got scripted
Certainly not below average, but not massive meat parade. Plus those giant DSLs really…alter the perspective.

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Nice one; thank you!


I can’t think of any off the top of my head, but, instead of just individual videos, it might be easier to also make a list of PornHub models who work with smaller stunt cocks.

i scripted a scene on SLR that features a small cock (might be too short though)


You might give this one a try.

I myself come in about six inches exactly, out of all the videos I have scripted I find this one to be the most accurate in regards to length.

Note: I use a fleshlight quickshot and my handy is mounted to the desk.

You can also adjust scripts with this site. - Create, Modify, Enjoy Funscripts


These dicks are too big! :laughing:

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You might be able to find some stuff that interests you from this article.

I’d like to see something from this site scripted.

There’s some big name talent enjoying an average man’s cock.

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