Streaming VR video content from MacOS to Oculus

This may have been covered somewhere, but was looking into streaming vr content of my own, - from my mac to the oculus headset, but not quite sure what is best and how to set it up, and hopefully with script support.
any advice?


Probably the most important question: what toy and headset do you have? Oculus has quite a few.

various DLNA video players would be my recommendation. Plex is what I use since I’ve had it for years but there are certainly better apps/programs

Oculus/Handy. Thanks!

Oculus what? Rift S, Quest, Quest 2, Go?

I have the Oculus quest 2. Thanks!

That should be easy. You either want to setup:

  • SMB server on your Mac and use Herepshere
  • DLNA Server on your Mac and use SLR app (you need to buy one script or have premium account on SLR for the app to work)

Awesome, I didn’t know with SLR you have the option to just buy one script.
To start, I think I’ll definitely try Heresphere with an SMB share. thanks so much!

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