Streaming with multifunplayer?

I use multifunplayer due to the multi axis capability. Is there a way to stream the video and just upload the script? I hate having to download every video file when there is a link to stream. Is there another software for this? Thanks a ton!

Yea you can, it pretty much depends on what video player you use and how does it present the stream url to MFP.
MFP loads scripts based on video file name so if the stream url does not contain usable video name you will have to load scripts manually, or rename the scripts to match the url.
You will also have to add a script library in MFP so that it can find and match the script files.

I think DeoVR and Heresphere should be able to stream 2D/VR from porn sites.
For 2D you could also use MPV with yt-dlp/ffmpeg installed, then you can drag drop the links from your browser into mpv and it will stream them.

For advanced usage you could use path modifiers in MFP to do some preprocessing on the urls to make the script names consistent, you would have to post an example url that shows up in MFP.

For example drag dropping url into mpv will detect it as view_video.php in MFP, so your script would have to be named view_video.funscript for it to be automatically loaded. But that will happen for all urls which is pretty useless as it will always load the same script.
The path modifiers allow you to convert that url to a virtual video, for example ph63b1ad5370276.mp4, so your script would be named ph63b1ad5370276.funscript and be unique for each pornhub video.

Another solution that is the easiest would be to get SLR subscription with script streaming.
My patreon MFP builds support SLR so you would be able to stream videos and scripts using DeoVR and not have to worry about anything.

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