Streamlining Handy + SexLikeReal integration

Looking forward to get SLR + Handy integration even smoother.

We should be adding Handy code activation into SLR user profile. Also Handy discount should be working for Scripts Premium bundle, not just videos.

Please let me know if anything.

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Let the connection available in Bluetooth, Please. This wifi connection is really killing the joy!

It has been understood wi-fi is more advanced connection. Can you elaborate on this?

Any thoughts @raser1 @Realcumber?

I believe it’s because FW3 now allows for direct communication via bluetooth to the device while wifi requires communication via a server. The latter introduces server and network delays. I guess the hope is to control TheHandy just like Launch where commands were sent from the script player directly to the device instead of uploading the entire script in the beginning when the video is loaded. This gives the option to add e.g. fillers to the script where there is no action in the video, and this without modifying the script first by creating an alternate version of the script to upload to the device. You could pause the script while the video continues to facilitate edging better and so on.

The disadvantage is that Windows 10 has an inferior bluetooth implementation which causes all kind of connection issues. At least that was true for the Launch.

From the FW3 release notes:
The Handy Bluetooth interface allows for the development of local controls for the Handy without the need for Wi-Fi.


Thx for elaboration. Got this from Handy manufacturer:

REST API over Wifi is much better and is a million times easier to integrate cross platform

ı would like to tell another problem. Why does it take too long to login SLR via DEOVR browser ? I can login your web site in firefox browser just in 4-5 seconds but it took at least 1 minutes or longer in DEOVR browser. Btw i have to connect via vpn because your site is banned in my country.

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i sooooo hated the bluetooth connection only on the onyx it kept disconnecting from my (windows 10)pc and had to restart it every time, it realy ruined the mood, Never had that problem with my wifi handy.

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Yeah switching to a dynamic bluetooth implementation would be pretty challenging - working with Bluetooth devices in general is a huge PITA when compared to sending nice, simple HTTP requests.

Yes, Wifi should always perform best in most use cases - looks like the guys already gave good discussion points to cover reasonings for both wifi and bluetooth